Anthony D’Amato starts Euro tour on inauguration day Trump

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Today – on the inauguration day of Trump – New York singer songwriter Anthony D’Amato starts his European tour in support of The Mastersons.

Anthony D’Amato wrote “If You’re Gonna Build A Wall” last summer when the election madness was in full swing: “The song touches on race, class, privilege, and politics in America. Everyone may not agree on these issues, but I felt strongly about sitting with them and thinking long and hard, and I hope that at the very least, the video might prompt you to do the same.”

Produced by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit) and recorded with an Omaha all-star team of musicians including Conor Oberst and members of Bright Eyes, The Faint, and Cursive, ‘Cold Snap’ is Anthony D’Amato’s most ambitious, incisive, and sophisticated collection yet, with a larger-than-life sound propelled by dual drummers, explosive guitars, infectious hooks, and erudite lyrics. Written primarily during a touring hiatus forced by a broken finger, the songs explore the schisms between perception and reality, projection and truth, who we are and how we’re seen.

Happy to have Anthony on this side of the Atlantic, tour starts today in Den Haag, all dates with The Mastersons *:
20-01-2017: Den Haag (NL) @ Paard *
21-01-2017: Groningen (NL) @ Vera *
22-01-2017: Berlin (DE) @ Prachtwerk*
23-01-2017: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star *
24-01-2017: Kristianstad (SWE) @ Kulturkompaniet *
25-01-2017: Falkenberg (SWE) @ Tryckhallen *
26-01-2017: Eksjö (SWE) @ House Concert *
27-01-2017: Avesta (SWE) @ Bjurfors Hotell & Konferens *
28-01-2017: Goteborg (SWE) @ Pustverik *
29-01-2017: Malmo (SWE) @ Folk a Rock *
01-02-2017: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso *
02-02-2017: Utrecht (NL) @ TivoliVredenburg *
03-02-2017: Leeds (UK) @ Seven Arts *
04-02-2017: Twyford (UK) @ The Swiss Cottage *
04-02-2017: Twyford (UK) @ The Swiss Cottage *

05-02-2017: London (UK) @ The Islington *
06-02-2017: Witney (UK) @ Fat Lils *
09-02-2017: Belfast (N-IRE) @ Real Music Club *
10-02-2017: Glasgow (UK) @ CCA *
11-02-2017: Gateshead (UK) @ Caedmon Hall *
12-02-2017: Bristol (UK) @ The Tunnels *

Promised Land Sound tours Benelux THIS week

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Promised Land Sound, Nashville’s finest purveyors of febrile root-work psychedelia, chose to begin at the beginning; they named themselves after an immortal road-dogging Chuck Berry jam and proceeded from there. For such a young band—though they’re now all in their twenties, some weren’t even of legal drinking age when they released their debut—they’re remarkably attuned to historical precedents.

Promised Land Sound emerged from the fertile Nashville garage scene—members have played with PUJOL, Denney and the Jets, and members of JEFF The Brotherhood and Those Darlins, among others—but they have quickly evolved to deploy a more varied country, soul, pop, and psych palette than most of their brethren and sistren.

This week the band will come to Europe for the first time including some shows in the Benelux area:
19-JAN: Amsterdam @ Paradiso
20-JAN: Utrecht @ Molen de Ster
21-JAN: Oostende @ De Zwerver
22-JAN: Helmond @ Lokaal 42

Hackensaw Boys confirm tour end of May and beginning of June

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Charismo is the Hackensaw Boys record you’ve been waiting to hear. The 11-track album feels like the zenith release of the band’s 17 years, gathering their diverse life experiences and myriad of roots influences, and crystallizing them into a magnum opus on the Hackensaw way of being. Traditional Appalachian and Delta music lay the groundwork, but it’s injected with a heavy dose of the contemporary, good-times-roll kind of spit and vinegar the band has become known for over the years.

Produced by Larry Campbell – who has lent his talents to Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, and countless others – Charismo sees the band reeled in and slightly refined, though still as spirited as ever. The songs (all written by longtime Hackensaws David Sickmen and Ferd Moyse) are tinged with an attitude of scrappy resilience, spinning tales and metaphors of everyday, working class struggles and triumphs. With Campbell’s production, the Hackensaw’s somewhat casual, porch-front aesthetic is sharpened around the edges, focusing in on the simple beauty of their melodies and the earnestness in their delivery.

Transcendent of the parts that make up its whole, the record has a collective feel that reflects the band’s rambling history; the Hackensaws have been a home for dozens of musicians over the years, but have steadfastly endured through life’s many changes. With Charismo, the Boys don’t let down on providing their signature ever-present, feel-good energy. It’s the kind of intangible presence that reminds us of our connection to other people and to our history, to the idea that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.

The name of the album is the same as the percussive instrument invented by Justin Neuhardt (who played with the band in its early days) that has been employed nightly since the band’s maiden tour 16 years ago. The charismo is made of recycled wood and scrap – tin cans, hubcaps, and so on – and is constantly broken down and re-assembled as the parts wear out and new ones are found. Much like the fluid, ever-changing nature of the instrument, Charismo shows us that The Hackensaw Boys are always moving forward like a mighty wheel turning, continuing to spread the (not quite) bygone spirit of down-home music to old and new audiences alike.

We’re happy to announce tourdates for the end of May and beginning of June today!

25-05-2017: Amstelveen (NL) @ P60
26-05-2017: Zeist (NL) @ De Peppel
27-05-2017: Diksmuide (BE) @ 4AD
28-05-2017: Ottersum (NL) @ Roepaen
30-05-2017: Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
31-05-2017: Tilburg (NL) @ Paradox presented by 013
01-06-2017: Veenhuizen (NL) @ Coco Maria presented by Roots On The Road
02-06-2017: Scheveningen (NL) @ Buiten
03-06-2017: Drachten (NL) @ Jûn fan Peije
04-06-2017: Raalte (NL) @ Ribs & Blues
05-06-2017: Kinderdijk (NL) @ De Klok

The Cactus Blossoms tour Europe starting next week

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With their 2016 Red House debut, You’re Dreaming, The Cactus Blossoms appeared seemingly from nowhere, garnering comparisons to classic sibling duos. Born and raised in the working-class neighborhood of “Nordeast” Minneapolis, brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkhum found themselves drawn to classic folk and country music, honing their songwriting skills with weekly gigs at former country 1940s honkytonk (and now music club) The Turf Club in St. Paul, MN.

With the kind of blood harmonies that make your scalp tingle, the brothers made the genre their own and started working originals into their weekly sets of classics; people couldn’t tell the difference. A chance gig opening for JD McPherson brought him on board as a fan — he is the producer behind You’re Dreaming.

Though they came from a musical family, they didn’t naturally inherit their deep understanding of early American music. By tracing their heroes’ footsteps back to the roots, they came into their style in a very genuine way. By absorbing these musical discoveries, a natural alchemy took place and what transpired is the tasteful rejuvenation and transformation of a retro sound by a modern duo.

With great critics all across, the brothers have brought a breath of fresh air and vitality to the roots music scene. And starting next week running into February we’re happy to have them over with a full band touring across the UK, Benelux and Spain. Find all tourdates here:
17-JAN: Poole (UK) @ Victoria School
18-JAN: Oxford (UK) @ The Bullingdon
19-JAN: Bristol (UK) @ The Exchange
20-JAN: Newcastle (UK) @ Live Theatre
21-JAN:. Leeds (UK) @ Seven Arts
22-JAN: Lewes (UK) @ Union at The Con Club
23-JAN: London (UK) @ The Bush Hall
24-JAN: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
25-JAN: Oldenzaal (NL) @ Cobblestone Club
26-JAN: Hoorn (NL) @ Het Huis Verloren
27-JAN: Eeklo (BE) @ N9
28-JAN: Den Haag (NL) @ Zwarte Ruiter
29-JAN: Groningen (NL) @ De Spieghel
30-JAN: Utrecht (NL) @ De Parel van Zuilen
01-FEB: Barcelona (ESP) @ Rocksound
02-FEB:  Bilbao (ESP) @ Kafe Antzokia
03-FEB: Madrid (ESP) @ El Sol
04-FEB: Torremolinos (ESP) @ Rockin Race Jamboree
05-FEB: Valencia (ESP) @ Loco Club

Jonny Fritz featuring Joshua Hedley to tour Europe on ‘Sweet Creep’

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With his thrift-shop wardrobe and unkempt hair, Jonny Fritz may look like the perfect specimen of the irony-first hipster, but the songs on his new fourth full-length are nothing if not sincere. And therein likes the sweetness of Sweet Creep, a collection of imagery-rich songs about resorts for dogs (“Chihuahua Rescue“), derelict Nashville motels (“Stadium Inn“) and Fritz’s penchant for skedaddling (“I Love Leaving“). For Fritz, his observational lyrics aren’t gags – they’re his way of making sense of an increasingly overstimulated America, where the mundane beauty of everyday life has been replaced by viral videos and memes.

Sweet Creep includes the lyricism of prior release Dad Country with an added air of hopefulness. Jonny throws himself into the new album by stripping things down to the essentials. He gathered Nashville’s Joshua Hedley and DawesTaylor and Griffin Goldsmith and recorded the whole album in three days. The fresh air, freedom from studio pressures, and strong cups of tea all mix into the music, with ATVs briefly heard in the background and two senior tortoises listening at Hedley’s feet as he fiddles away.

Born in Montana and raised in Esmont, Virginia Jonny has passed weeks in nearly every city in the United States, and plenty others overseas, cramming ten lives into one. Despite the vitalism and exploits he’s gained a name for, most of his music comes from the smaller moments. He takes a little piece of life, unnoticed by most, then steeps it in song until it’s ready for vinyl. In contrast to the heartsick Dad Country, the songs of Sweet Creep are, if not always brimming, at least fully accepting of his fortunes.

Jonny is a torchbearer in that celebrated country music tradition of giant-sized personalities overflowing into song. John Hartford, Roger Miller, Billy Joe Shaver – fans look to these country musicians for more than just music. They look for life, for outrageous legend, for a showmanship on and off stage that Jonny Fritz will never fail to deliver. He might not have shot anybody, or spent any considerable time in prison, but on Sweet Creep, he reminds himself and his fans, that sometimes great lives can also be pretty good ones.

We’re excited to share the first bunch of European tourdates today.

Jonny Fritz will take out Joshua Hedley on this tour too. According to Rolling Stone, Hedley is “a nuanced, heart-tugging fiddle ace – he was playing in bars before age 11 – Hedley has been the go-to sideman for Justin Townes Earle and Jonny Fritz. And his voice – he guests on the new track “Shadows” by Southern rapper Yelawolf – is just as striking, a warm, smooth baritone that’s nonetheless capable of hitting honky-tonk highs.

22-MRT: Glasgow (UK) @ O2 ABC2 Glasgow
24-MRT: Bristol (UK) @ The Exchange
26-MRT: London (UK) @ The Moth Club
28-MRT: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
29-MRT: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso
30-MRT: Utrecht (NL) @ Molen de Ster presented by Ekko
31-MRT: Rotterdam (NL) @ V11 presented by Rotown
04-APR: Gothenburg (SWE) @ Pustervik
05-APR: Orebro (SWE) @ East West
06-ARP: Oslo (NO) @ Buckleys
07-APR: Malmö (SWE) @ Folk å Rock
08-APR: Borlänge (SWE) @ Broken Dream
09-APR: Stockholm (SWE) @ Southside Bar

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