Daniel Romano Braves the Atlantic, embarks on European tour, premieres short film

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The King of Mosey – a Canadian staple in the alt-country singer-songwriter scene – Daniel Romano has set foot on European soil, to embark on a month-long tour throughout Europe. You can see his upcoming European dates below.

The short film “Daniel Romano Braves the Atlantic” was revealed through Exclaim!; a video documenting this journey, sharing footage of the musician writing songs on the sea, snippets of his performance in Paradiso last year, as well as some interview clips from this side of the ocean.

21-05-2015: Dundalk (IRL) @ Spirit Store
22-05-2015: Cardiff (UK) @ The Moon Club
23-05-2015: Coventry (UK) @ Tin Music & Arts
24-05-2015: Oostende (BE) @ De Zwerver
25-05-2015: Raalte (NL) @ Ribs & Blues
27-05-2015: Aalborg (DK) @ 1000 Fryd
28-05-2015: Gothenburg (SWE) @ Pustervik
29-05-2015: Oslo (NO) @ Pokalen
30-05-2015: Bergen (NO) @ Garage
31-05-2015: Trondheim (NO) @ Avant Garden
01-06-2015: Karlstad (SWE) @ Cafe August
02-06-2015: Stockholm (SWE) @ Debaser Strand
03-06-2015: Mariehamn (SWE) @ Dino Bar
04-06-2015: Tampere (FIN) @ Herwood Stage & Bar
05-06-2015: Turku (FIN) @ Klubi
06-06-2015: Helsinki (FIN) @ Korjaamo
08-06-2015: Malmo (SWE) @ Far I Hatten
10-06-2015: London (UK) @ Texas Joes at The Horatia
11-06-2015: Brighton (UK) @ Prince Albert
12-06-2015: Newcastle (UK) @ The Cluny 2
13-06-2015: Glasgow (UK) @ King Tuts
15-06-2015: Paris (FR) @ Point Ephemere
16-05-2105: Duisburg (DE) @ Gramamatikoff
17-05-2015: Nurnberg (DE) @ K4
19-06-2015: Hilvarenbeek (NL) @ Best Kept Secret
20-06-2015: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star

Solids release video “Through The Wall”, announce EU tourdates

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TODAY the Canadian band Solids release a brand-new video for the song “Through The Walls”. The video has been been recorded at the Breakglass Studio. An analogue recording studio established in 2005, co-founded by members of the Besnard Lakes. ALSO European tourdates for the end of August and September are announced today. Scroll down to find all dates.

Crafting a lo-fi, punky, yet melodic sound evoking Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk and Sonic Youth, Montreal’s Solids is the project of guitarist Xavier Germain-Poitras and drummer Louis Guillemette. Hackneyed as it may be to mention, the duo did an excellent job choosing a name.

While listening to their debut album Blame Confusion (Fat Possum / Dine Alone Records), it’s hard to imagine that an album this densely packed with sound is the handwork of just two people, but Xavier Germain-Poitras and Louis Guillemette fill every possible nook and cranny with heavy yet melodic music. However, Germain-Poitras and Guillemette’s time in hardcore bands is just as important to Solids’ approach; the duo sounds much more passionate than the like-minded bands that borrow too much from the slacker ethos of the ’90s.

Whether playing on stages of majors events such as SXSW, Osheaga, Pop Montreal, The Great Escape and Sled Island or in some packed and humid decrepit basements, Xavier and Louis sweat blood because they don’t know any other way of making music. Solids is somehow a gift for all those who never feel as alive as when they’re submerged in decibels!

2015.08.29 Amsterdam (NL) @ Sugarfactory
2015.08.31 Hamburg (DE) @ Knust
2015.09.02 Berlin (DE) @ Privatclub
2015.09.03 Darmstadt (DE) @ Ottinger Villa
2015.09.04 Rotterdam (NL) @ V11
2015.09.05 Asten (NL) @ Misty Fields
2015.09.06 Brussels (BE) @ Magasin 4
2015.09.07 London (UK) @ The Barfly
2015.09.08 Leeds (UK) @ Brudenell Social Club
2015.09.09 Charleroi (BE) @ Vecteur
2015.09.10 Utrecht (NL) @ EKKO
2015.09.11 Liege (BE) @ CU Festival
2015.09.12 Freiburg (DE) @ The Great Rang Teng Teng
2015.09.13 Cologne (DE) @ Private
2015.09.14 Tilburg (NL) @ Incubate
2015.09.15 Hannover (DE) @ Glocksee (Ruby Tuesday)
2015.09.17 Paris (FR) @ Espace B

Sonny & The Sunsets announce FOUR shows including Into The Great Wide Open, Misty Fields

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Bizarre? Scrappy? Deranged? Sonny & the Sunsets’ latest record sees them in perhaps their strangest and most lyrically explorative phase yet. A big soup of sonic ideas that wouldn’t normally be glued together, the songs on “Talent Night at the Ashram” (2015) make a large collage that mixes cinematic stories of fringe characters. Initially envisioned as a film project, each song was originally a short film that, when strung together, formed a feature-length movie.

As Sonny Smith was writing the scripts and hiring the actors (even shooting a few of the clips), the scripts began to morph into songs. Equal parts Fellini and Os Mutantes, “Talent Night at the Ashram” is cinematic in its storytelling and kaleidoscopic in its mixing and merging of musical genres. On album opener “The Application,” Smith applies to be a human being to the tune of Beach Boys harmonies, ragtag beats and ’80s synths.

Happy Carrot Health Food Store” tells an epic saga of grocery store employees set to a soundtrack that takes listeners on a psychedelic odyssey with elements of jazz and a hallucinogen-ic sequence including a conversation with a girlfriend swimming in his beer glass, or is that a dog? ’60s folk, electric sitars, flutes, and myriad other sounds help accentuate tales of professional bowlers in desperate need of a strike (“Icelene’s Loss”), a mansion that houses every woman Smith has ever known (“The Secluded Estate”), and Occupy meetings ending in bad love (“Secret Plot to Destroy the Underground”).

TODAY we’re really happy to announce no less than FOUR shows!

02-09-2015: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs
03-09-2015: Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn
04-09-2015: Asten (NL) @ Misty Fields
05-09-2015: Vlieland (NL) @ Into The Great Wide Open

The Beat are back in The Netherlands THIS WEEK!

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Formed in the working class suburbs of industrial Birmingham in England in 1978 The Beat arose at a time of high unemployment and social upheaval. From the outset the band offered messages of hope and peace with an insight into sociopolitical topics would later alongside The Specials see them heralded as forerunners of the whole 2-Tone Ska movement.

Their cover of Motown classic “Tears Of A Clown” was their breakthrough. Many original dance floor classics followed. Think of hits such as “Mirror In The Bathroom”, “Hands Off She’s Mine” and “Best Friend”.

Starting TODAY front man Ranking Roger and his boys are back in The Netherlands for THREE shows, click the dates to get y’r tickets:

2015.05.06 Arnhem (NL) @ Luxor Live
2015.05.07 Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
2015.05.08 Amstelveen (NL) @ P60

Lydia Loveless tours Europe, starting TOMORROW!

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For the first time since the release of her critically acclaimed release “Somewhere Else”, Lydia Loveless will tour across Europe starting TOMORROW! With a full band, Loveless will perform concerts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and France. Full European tour dates, details and ticket links are listed below.

Two years after the critical success of her breakout second album, “Indestructible Machine”, Lydia Loveless emerges from the trenches of hometown Columbus, OH with the gloves off and brimming with confidence on Somewhere Else. While her previous album was described as “hillbilly punk with a honky-tonk heart” (Uncut), this one can’t be so quickly shoehorned into neat categorical cubbyholes. No, things are different this time around—Loveless and her band have collectively dismissed the genre blinders and sonic boundaries that come from playing it from a safe, familiar place.

Writing from this new-found place of conviction, Lydia crafted 10 songs that are stark in their honesty, self- examination, and openness. “Somewhere Else” is more elemental than any of Loveless’s previous material; it’s about longing for the other, whether that’s something emotional, physical, or mental, all anchored by her arresting voice that sounds beyond her years. Creatively speaking, if Indestructible Machine was an all-night bender, “Somewhere Else” is the forlorn twilight of the next day, when that creeping nostalgia has you looking back for someone, something, or just… anything.

2015.05.05 Bergen (NO) @ Lille Ole Bull
2015.05.06 Oslo (NO) @ Buckleys
2015.05.07 Stockholm (SWE) @ Geronimos FGT
2015.05.08 Goteborg (SWE) @ Pustervik
2015.05.09 Aalborg (DK) @ 1000 Fryd
2015.05.10 Copenhagen (DK) @ Ideal Bar
2015.05.11 Duisburg (DE) @ Steinbruch
2015.05.12 Solingen (DE) @ Pub Tom Bombadil
2015.05.13 Cantu (IT) @ All 1&35 Circa
2015.05.14 Vignola, Modena (IT) @ Stones Cafe
2015.05.15 Lagagnano Di Sona (IT) @ Club II Giardino
2015.05.16 Dozza (IT) @ Teatro Comunale
2015.05.17 Grosseto (IT) @ The Dog House
2015.05.19 Barcelona (ESP) @ Rocksound
2015.05.20 Zaragoza (ESP) @ La Ley Seca
2015.05.21 Madrid (ESP) @ El Sol
2015.05.22 Ourense (ESP) @ Pop Torgal
2015.05.23 San Sebastian (ESP) @ Gazteszena
2015.05.25 Raalte (NL) @ Ribs & Blues
2015.05.26 Hannover (DE) @ Glocksee (Ruby Tuesday)
2015.05.27 Berlin (DE) @ Crystal
2015.05.28 Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
2015.05.29 Cambrai (FR) @ American Journeys
2015.05.30 Den Haag (NL) @ Sniester Festival

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