Toys That Kill appearances at Queensday Festival and Rotterdam Riot

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Toys That Kill are from San Pedro, California, the city where the freeway ends, where bullets fall from the sky on the fourth of July and where Mike Watt painted the name of his hometown on his bass and everybody started calling him “Pedro.” The end of the free way, a good breading place for punk rock. Toys That Kill comes out of the ashes of F.Y.P., a hardcore band. When musical influences began to change more into poppunk, caused by the Descendents, Todd Congelliere, founding member started to decide to start of Toys That Kill.

Queensday FestivalRotterdam Riot

Last year the band planned to come to Europe but cause of a horrible eye infection and a doctors ban for flying over the band had to cancel their complete tour. Todd his eye is ok again and his mind is more than willing to rock. Good reason to have them back over. In the Netherlands they will play Queensday Festival (both as F.Y.P. and Toys That Kill) and the Rotterdam Riot.

26-04-2014: Venlo (NL) @ Queensday Festival
09-05-2014: Rotterdam (NL) @ Rotterdam Riot

The Henhouse Prowlers tour Europe in April and May

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After eight years of hard work and a relentless tour schedule, Chicago’s The Henhouse Prowlers have gained a reputation for their highly original, tradition-inspired bluegrass built on a strong foundation of intricate harmonies and electrifying stage energy.

The Henhouse Prowlers use traditional bluegrass as a base, and make it their own by providing a show that’s danceable throughout with uptempo drive and bouncing mid-tempo grooves, all while covering contemporary topics in a largely original repertoire. Their reverence for the forefathers of bluegrass is palpable as they push the music forward on their own path.

With their most recent album ‘Breaking Ground’ (produced by Grammy nominated Greg Cahill) the band kick off their largest tour abroad to date. The tour covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Czech:

25-04-2014: Leeuwarden (NL) @ Omrop Fryslan (radio / tv)
25-04-2014: Drachten (NL) @ Iduna
26-04-2014: Venlo (NL) @ Queensday Festival
26-04-2014: Sint-Katelijne-Waver (BE) @ Gasketblowers Fest
27-04-2014: Waardamme (BE) @ Cowboy Up
29-04-2014: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
01-05-2014: Lessines (BE) @ Roots & Roses
01-05-2014: Vorselaar (BE) @ Edma
02-05-2014: Crailsheim (DE) @ 7180 Bar
03-05-2014: Prague (CZ) @ Rock Cafe
05-05-2014: Innsbruck (AT) @ Die Backerei
06-05-2014: Furth (DE) @ Kunstkeller
07-05-2014: Berlin (DE) @ Auster Club
09-05-2014: Bielefeld (DE) @ Extra Blues Bar
10-05-2014: Enschede (NL) @ NiX Bluesclub
11-05-2014: Eindhoven (NL) @ Wilhelmina
12-05-2014: Dordrecht (NL) @ Melkbus
13-05-2014: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
14-05-2014: Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
15-05-2014: Middelburg (NL) @ Kaffee t Hof
16-05-2014: Borger (NL) @ Cultuurpodium VanSlag
17-05-2014: Wolfersheim (DE) @ Antik Cafe
18-05-2014: Hoogeveen (NL) @ Blues & Bluegrass Festival

The Pack A.D. have exclusive Dutch show on May 8th

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Never crossed paths with The Pack A.D.? Too bad for you. This band is fucking killer, it really is. And, for the record, Becky Black and Maya Miller have probably already laid waste to some decrepit rock ‘n’ roll pit in your hometown at least a couple of times because The Pack have been touring anywhere and everywhere – and getting better and better and better at what it does, and then a little bit better still.

The Pack A.D.

Next month the Canadians will be over in The Netherlands for one exclusive show:
08-05-2014: Utrecht (NL) @ EKKO

Larry and His Flask’s tour in May ánd confirmed for Lowlands

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Within a month Larry and His Flask will be on our soil touring pretty much the whole month of May. Starting in Germany and also returning to the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria for shows. Highlights include Groezrock (May 2nd), Pirate Satellite Festival (May 1st and May 3rd), London (May 7th), Berlin (May 20th) and Amsterdam (May 22nd). See a complete list of upcoming dates here.

Today we’re exited to announce their return in August for an appearance at Lowlands festival! Taking a well deserved break from the constant touring of their homeland last month with Scott H. Biram (on tour via Sedate in Sep/Oct), the inimitable Larry and His Flask will be storming acrross again flooding the land with nothing but furious shanties and non-stop dancing.

Larry and His Flask's tour in May ánd confirmed for Lowlands

A much-needed burst of joy for our continent, these five Oregon natives look to spread their frenetic homespun bluegrass and anarchic rock even further than ever. Five albums on, including last year’s stupendous ‘By the Lamplight‘ released by Xtra Mile Recordings, every song is imbued with infectious energy, seething through every raucous note. You don’t even have to know the words; you’ll just know you’ll want to join in.

The Soft Hills tour Benelux with new LP ‘Departure’

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The Northwest of the United States: Home of The Soft Hills. For the music fan, the area has always been a wellspring of pure joy. Punk was invented there in the 1960s (The Wailers, The Sonics), Jimi Hendrix was born there, K Records, one of the most influential indie labels of all time, was baptized there, then came Sub Pop, Mudhoney, Nirvana.

On “Departure” (released March 7th on Tapete Records) disposed entirely of the Americana leanings which had characterized the previous albums, allowing European influences to become more apparent. These include Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, Brian Eno or the Factory Sound of the early 80s, which might be due to the fact that Hobba started to write the songs during a several-month stay in Europe. The instrumentarium was supplemented by Mellotron, Moog, Hammond B3 and a Rhodes piano.

“While recording the fourth full-lenght LP, The Soft Hills’ Garret Hobba suffered respiratory problems caused by mould in a Seattle bedroom. After that serious health scare, he headed to California to recuperate, and it’s that ‘Departure’ was finished. Unsurprisingly, that event is prevalent in these songs, notably in the lyrics of claustrophobic opener ‘Golden Hour’ (‘Choking while you are living/the pressure’s closing in’) and the gloomy, minimalistic electro-indie of ‘The Fault’ and ‘White Queen’. But there are glimpses of his recovery too, in the living westcoast psych-folk of ‘Blue Night’ and the warm whisfull fuzz of ‘Belly Of A Whale’. Almost dying must have been terryfing, but Hobba should be overjoyed that this came out of it.” – NME

During their European tour, this month, The Soft Hills will visit the Benelux too:
03-04-2014: Utrecht (NL) @ DBs w/ King Champion Sounds
04-04-2014: Eeklo (BE) @ N9

The day after the release the uploaded a video for ‘White Queen’:

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