Larry and His Flask return to Europe in August

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After a long break from touring Larry and His Flask are BACK and are returning to Europe and the UK with their “folk-punk” and bluegrass traveling circus. They’re a high energy, five-piece carnival of a band that incorporate rock, folk, bluegrass, soul, brass band, punk and alt-country into their own unique sound. A very selective number of shows is announced TODAY:

09-08-2016: Utrecht (NL) @ EKKO
10-08-2016: Berlin (DE) @ Badehaus Szimpla
11-08-2016: Hamburg (DE) @ Knust
12-08-2016: Wagersrott (DE) @ Enzo-Festival
13-08-2016: Hampshire (UK) @ Boom Town Fair
14-08-2016: Hampshire (UK) @ Boom Town Fair
15-08-2016: London (UK) @ Boston Music Room
16-08-2016: Oostende (BE) @ Paulusfeesten
18-08-2016: Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ) @ Amphitheatre
19-08-2016: Mannheim (DE) @ TBA
20-08-2016: Lenzburg (CH) @ Boat Party

In any given performance audiences are guaranteed to hear harmonica, upright bass, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, banjo, trombone, trumpet and baritone horn as all five guys trade off instruments mid-song while careening back and forth across the stage in a punk rock ballet of sorts, narrowly avoiding collisions constantly.

Their love of old school country, folk, hip hop, gypsy jazz and everything in between comes shining through their LPs “By The Lamplight” and “All That We Know” through Xtra Mile Recordings. Lauded by the New York Times as one of the most dynamic live shows around, Larry and His Flask strive to make sure that no one misses out on the fun. So, if they happen to be around, do yourself a favor and check them out!

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra tour Europe in May

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Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra are one of the most industrious bands in the UK roots circuit; with thousands of touring miles under their belts, they have earned themselves a sizeable fan base in the UK, Europe and beyond. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, they play their own brand of Western Swing, Blues, Gypsy Jazz and Country, or “North Eastern Swing” as they’ve coined it.

Their style is more eclectic than most, influenced by early 20th century American music, with the addition of “razor-sharp” solos,
great arrangements and original songs; their music harks back to a golden age whilst staying perfectly modern. The songs are penned by Rob Heron, a crazy fool for country music and a full time dandy-cowboy. His songs are full of character, satire, and good old fashion hollerin’.

01-05-2016: Asten (NL) @ In de Gloria
03-05-2016: Dordrecht (NL) @ Melkbus
04-05-2016: Hannover (DE) @ Cafe Glocksee
05-05-2016: Vlissingen (NL) @ Bevrijdingsfestival
06-05-2016: Wilhelmshaven (DE) @ Kling Klang
07-05-2016: Hamburg (DE) @ Sound Yard
08-05-2016: Hoorn (NL) @ Het Huis Verloren
10-05-2016: Tubingen (DE) @ Blauer Saloon
11-05-2016: Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
13-05-2016: Roding (DE) @ Roadhouse
14-05-2016: Furth (DE) @ New Orleans Festival
20-05-2016: Borger (NL) @ Van Slag (Roots On The Road)
21-05-2016: Eupen (BE) @ Eupen Musik Marathon

Legendary Shack Shakers announce NL shows, promoting “The Southern Surreal”

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Taking in one of the Legendary Shack Shakers‘ thrilling, sometimes terrifying, live performances is akin to witnessing a gospel revival or even a snake-handling ceremony. And for good reason: the Kentucky band’s magnetic leader, vocalist and harmonica maven J.D. Wilkes spent his formative years at a charismatic religious school, where he became obsessed with the rituals he encountered, from speaking in tongues to laying of hands.

On the Legendary Shack Shakers’ new album “The Southern Surreal”, the group’s first in five years, he further dives into the abyss. The record, released via Jello Biafra‘s label Alternative Tentacles Records, is a collection of country, blues and rockabilly, all of it held together by bits of eerie, atmospheric sounds Wilkes recorded himself like a modern-day Lomax brother.

The result is an Americana gothic concept album, full of shadowy glimpses into a counterculture South, where Mothman sightings are common and legends run wild. Promoting this album the band will be in NL this spring for four shows:

28-04-2016: Heerlen (NL) @ De Nieuwe Nor
29-04-2016: Eindhoven (NL) @ Effenaar
30-04-2016: Hengelo (NL) @ Heartland Festival
08-05-2016: Vlieland (NL) @ Here Comes The Summer

Christopher Paul Stelling hits Europe starting this weekend

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The first time you experience Christopher Paul Stelling singing and playing guitar is eye-opening. Stelling’s attack on the nylon-string acoustic guitar is uniquely forceful and it serves his songwriting well on his new album “Labor Against Waste” which was released through ANTI- Records in 2015.

Last year has proven to be a watershed year for Christopher. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to the road, having racked up miles upon miles in pursuit of the perfect lost-love ballad to be played on his well-worn acoustic guitar and sung in his trademark cracked-and-bleeding voice.

After being home for just a couple of weeks Christopher is glad to be returning to Europe this month for a full tour including debuting shows in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Of course he’ll be returning to UK, Germany, Benelux, Italy and Spain as well. Find all shows right at the bottom of this message.

Christopher Paul Stelling stopped by the Acoustic Guitar offices to treat them to four songs and insights into his process. Watch him craft rich melodies on his ’64 Gibson, performing “Warm Enemy,” “Hard Work,” “Castle,” and “Horse,” which features fiddler Kieran Ledwidge.

16-01-2016: Oslo (NO) @ Buckleys
17-01-2016: Malmo (SWE) @ Folk a Rock
18-01-2016: Copenhagen (DK) @ Huset KBH
19-01-2016: Amsterdam (NL) @ Sugar Factory
20-01-2016: Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn
21-01-2016: Berlin (DE) @ BaumhausBar
22-01-2016: Luzern (CH) @ Gewerbehalle
23-01-2016: Olten (CH) @ Variobar
25-01-2016: Winterthur (CH) @ Monomontag
26-01-2016: Zurich (CH) @ Henrici
27-01-2016: Lumezzane (BS) (IT) @ Teatro Odeon
28-01-2016: Milan (IT) @ Biko
29-01-2016: Rome (IT) @ Monk
30-01-2016: Prato (IT) @ Ex Chiesa di San Giovanni
31-01-2016: Pesaro (IT) @ Chiesa dell Annunziata
03-02-2016: Castellon (ESP) @ La Llotja del Canem
05-02-2016: Lyon (FR) @ Kraspek Myzik
06-02-2016: Witten (DE) @ Knuts
07-02-2016: Uddel (NL) @ Grasnapolsky
10-02-2016: Dillenburg (DE) @ Erbse
11-02-2016: Bremen (DE) @ Kulturkueche
12-02-2016: Moers (DE) @ Bollwerk
13-02-2016: Cologne (DE) @ Die Wohngemeinschaft
14-02-2016: Groningen (NL) @ Grand Theatre
15-02-2016: London (UK) @ The Islington
16-02-2016: Bristol (UK) @ Tunnels
17-02-2016: Birmingham (UK) @ Hare and Hounds
18-02-2016: Nottingham (UK) @ Guitar Bar
19-02-2016: Oxford (UK) @ Jericho Tavern
20-02-2016: Glasgow (UK) @ Broadcast
21-02-2016: Newcastle (UK) @ Live Theatre

Tacocat announces exclusive NL show promoting 3rd studio album

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One of the weirdest things humans do is to classify half of all humans as niche. As though women’s shit isn’t real shit—as though menses and horses and being internet-harassed aren’t as interesting as beer-farts and monster trucks and doing the harassing. That’s why Tacocat is radical: not because a female-driven band is some baffling novelty, but because they’re a group making art about experiences in which gender is both foregrounded and neutralized. This isn’t lady stuff, it’s people stuff. It’s normal. It’s nothing and everything. It’s life.

Tacocat’s third studio album, Lost Time (an X-Files reference, doy), is their first with producer Erik Blood. “ I would describe him generally as a beautiful wizard,” Nokes said, “ who, in our opinion, took the album to the next level. Wizard level.” Blood’s sounds are wide and expansive, bringing a fullness to the band’s familiar sparkling snarl. The Tacocat of Lost Time are triumphantly youthful but also plainspoken and wise, as catchy as they are substantive. “ Men Explain Things to Me” eviscerates male condescension with sarcastic surf guitar. On “ The Internet,” they swat away trolls with an imperiousness so satisfying you want to transmogrify it into a sheetcake and devour it: “ Your place is so low/Human mosquito.”

Happy to announce an exclusive Dutch show:
14-04-2016: Tilburg (NL) @ Extase (presented Nightbirds)

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