The Bloodhounds start their debut European tour tomorrow!

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Back in 2010 when the East Los Angeles backyard gig scene was saturated with hip hop, electronic, and punk music, four students of rhythm and blues took it upon themselves to bring back the primitive sounds of the 60s in all its rawness. Many tool shed practice sessions and member lineups later, The Bloodhounds were officially formed. Finally comprised of Aaron Littlerock on rhythm guitar and vocals, Johnny Santana on bass guitar, Branden Santos on lead guitar, and Mark Schafler on percussion, the Bloodhounds then began experimenting with the different genres that surrounded rhythm and blues in order to create their signature heterogeneous sound.

Now in 2015 they have an album (“Let Loose”) out on Alive Records and are bound to tour Europe for the first time. Find all tourdates below.

The Bloodhounds mix rock n roll, country, folk, and blues, becoming innovative students of the legendary musical trailblazers before them. Though they were founded with an electric sound, a Creedence Clearwater Revival album cover inspired them to extend their talents to a jugband style of playing. After tweaking ordinary household items and constructing a traditional washtub bass themselves, they were soon busking in the streets of downtown LA for large gathered crowds.

Their simultaneous adherence to traditional musical values and their versatility in musical reinvention speaks to their profound talent and creativity. Avid fans and “followers” of the band plan their weekend outings based on the Bloodhounds’s shows and times. Attracted to not only the band’s dedication to their art, but also their ability to get the fans movin’ n’ groovin’ until they’re bathed in sweat! The Bloodhounds are easily enjoyed but not easily defined, each song a single experience of a different genre. They’re NOT your typical garage band (or shed band). So whether you’re into a plugged or unplugged sound, the Hounds are steppin’ outta the pound.

2015.06.25 Warsaw (PL) @ Kurort
2015.06.27 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania
2015.06.28 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania
2015.06.30 Karlsruhe (DE) @ Scruffys Irish Pub
2015.07.01 Frankfurt (DE) @ Tiefengrund
2015.07.02 Moorslede (BE) @ De Nodige Deugd
2015.07.03 Utrecht (NL) @ dBs
2015.07.04 Elsloo (NL) @ Conincx Pop Festival AFTERNOON
2015.07.04 Rossum (NL) @ Rosrock EVENING
2015.07.05 Deventer (NL) @ Hoogtevrees
2015.07.07 Notthingham (UK) @ Guitar Bar
2015.07.09 Sowerby Bridge (UK) @ The Blind Pig
2015.07.10 London (UK) @ The Islington
2015.07.11 Gierle (BE) @ Sjock
2015.07.12 Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
2015.07.13 Paris (FR) @ L Alimentation Generale
2015.07.14 St Etienne (FR) @ Thunderbird Lounge
2015.07.15 Piacenza (IT) @ Spazio 4
2015.07.16 Trento (IT) @ Porteghet
2015.07.17 La Spezia (IT) @ Spazio Boss
2015.07.18 Lugano (CH) @ Buskers Festival
2015.07.19 Les Mayens de Conthey (CH) @ 1964 Conthey
2015.07.20 Bielefeld (DE) @ Extra Blues Bar
2015.07.21 Norderstedt (DE) @ Harksheide
2015.07.22 Tubingen (DE) @ Hausbar Münzgasse 13
2015.07.23 Luzern (CH) @ Blueballs Festival
2015.07.24 Duisburg (DE) @ Grammatikoff
2015.07.25 Eindhoven (NL) @ Foodstock AFTERNOON
2015.07.25 Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom EVENING

METZ does THREE NL shows this October; Le Guess Who? in November

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“I look at it like this,” METZ frontman Alex Edkins says. “You start a band, just as something to do, because music’s what makes you tick, the thing you dream about and think about and that’s it. You never think that you’ll be able to do it all the time. But then, for some inexplicable reason, people actually listen and latch on and the band begins to take on new meaning. All of a sudden there are expectations and pressure, real or imagined, to change who you are. It was important to us, when making this record, not to give in to that pressure.”

** METZ will be back in The Netherlands this October for THREE shows; then coming back for a show at Le Guess Who? Find all dates at the bottom of this message **

What happens when a seemingly irresistible force meets an immovable object is a serviceable metaphor for the music METZ creates, both live and on record. Now behold “II“, the concussive new full-length from what is arguably one of the finest touring rock band. Written and recorded in 2014, after two years of constant touring behind their rightly adored self-titled debut, “II” (out on Subpop) is METZ at their most true to form—as pure an expression of what they do as can currently be committed to tape. The guitars are titanic, the drums ill-tempered, the vocals chilling, and the volume worrisome. Though they incorporated new instruments, (baritone guitar, tape loops, piano, synth, found sounds) and stretched out the arrangements, they still managed to “stay true to what made us tick in the first place: that immediacy,” Edkins calls it. “If it punches you in the gut.”

And does it ever. From the exhilarating grind of “Spit You Out” to the blunt-force thrills of “Landfill,” herein reside 10 songs as uncompromising in their ferocity and abrasiveness as any collection this record label has had the pleasure of releasing to date. To accomplish such a sound, the band forced itself to stay home and write for the better part of six months. Tracking was done in three different studios, in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario, including the same barn where much of METZ had been painstakingly assembled. While said predecessor was often “clean and clinical,” II is what Edkins describes as a “much heavier, darker, and sloppier” affair, with many of its roughest edges and ugliest tones kept intact. Its lyrical matter, Edkins notes, stems from a year of loss and doubt, of contemplating our relationships with death and the planet. “I consider myself a pretty massive pessimist, but a pessimist who knows how lucky he is,” he says. “A lot of things in everyday life drive me crazy: how we relate to each other; how politics, media, technology, money and medication influence our lives. This band, in a lot of ways, is an outlet.”

What we’re left with is the sound of an already monstrous band improving in both subtle and terrifying ways. “We take our noise and our feedback very seriously,” Edkins says. “The more we do this, the more we realize there’s no such thing as right or wrong in music. It comes down to feel. And if it feels good, it works. This time we sorta said, ‘This is who we are. We are not going to clean up our sound, we are not going to hire a big producer, we are not going to try to write a radio song. We are going to be honest and leave the warts for all to see. We are really happy with how it turned out.”

22-10-2015: Nijmegen (NL) @ Doornroosje
23-10-2015: Amsterdam (NL) @ Bitterzoet
24-10-2015: Zwolle (NL) @ Lets Get Lost
20-11-2015: Utrecht (NL) @ Le Guess Who?

Henhouse Prowlers’ new album “Still On That Ride”, tour Europe this month

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After spending about a month in Africa (!) the Chicago bluegrass band Henhouse Prowlers will be back in Europe for a month-long tour. Taking their brand new album named “Still On That Ride” with them for the – eh – ride..

Starting TOMORROW the band will cross Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and The Netherlands. See all dates at the bottom of this message.

Henhouse Prowlers have gained a reputation for their highly original, tradition-inspired bluegrass built on a strong foundation of intricate harmonies and electrifying stage energy. The group uses traditional bluegrass as a base, and make it their own by providing a show that’s dance-able throughout with uptempo drive and bouncing mid-tempo grooves, all while covering contemporary topics in a largely original repertoire. Their reverence for the forefathers of bluegrass is palpable as they push the music forward on their own path.

19-06-2015: Vorselaar (BE) @ Jaarmarkt
20-06-2015: Nijmegen (NL) @ Kids N Billies
21-06-2015: Waardamme (BE) @ Muddy Roots Europe
22-06-2015: Norderstedt (DE) @ Harksheide
24-06-2015: Furth (DE) @ Kunstkeller o27
25-06-2015: Prague (CZ) @ Rock Cafe
26-06-2015: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
27-06-2015: Rotterdam (NL) @ Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival
28-06-2015: Enschede (NL) @ Blues Club Nixx
29-06-2015: Utrecht (NL) @ De Parel van Zuilen
30-06-2015: Munich (DE) @ Vintage Pub (private concert)
01-07-2015: Munich (DE) @ Vintage Pub (private concert)
02-07-2015: Bielefeld (DE) @ Extra Blues Bar
03-07-2015: Werne (DE) @ Live Club Montreux
04-07-2015: Rossum (NL) @ Rosrock
05-07-2015: Deventer (NL) @ Hoogtevrees

The Sonics for exclusive Dutch show to Doornroosje

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Garage rock legends The Sonics have released their first studio album since 1967. “This Is The Sonics” was released on March 31st via their own imprint, Revox. Listen to the single “Bad Betty” through Pitchfork.

The album was produced by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs) and features original members Jerry Roslie, Larry Parypa, and Rob Lind. They’re joined by Freddie Dennis (The Kingsmen/Liverpool Five) and Dusty Watson (Dick Dale/Agent Orange). The band built their howling rock ‘n’ roll legacy off the power of the 1965′s “Here Are The Sonic” and 1966′s “Boom”.

TODAY we’re psyched to announce an exclusive performance of The Sonics in The Netherlands:
30-10-2015: Nijmegen (NL) @ Doornroosje

Since the beginning of garage rock, the northwest sound, grunge, or whatever anyone calls it, set the precedence and the pace, and the sound that gave to every musician and band that followed the inalienable right to take rock to the edge of the universe, to explore the possibilities, to get out of the rut, experiment, and to scream your guts out, that you have arrived, and to continue that thought. Originally from Tacoma, Washington USA, The Sonics are claimed worldwide to be the first punk band, or garage, or hard rock, or alternative, setting the stage for all that would follow.


The Sonics songs and precedent music creations began in 1964, with a visit from Etiquette Records co-owner Buck Ormsby, following a friend of the band plea that he check out the group. The meeting took place at a rehearsal in Bob Bennetts garage. Not too impressed with the performance of cover songs, asked if they had any originals. A killer riff was played, but the lyrics didnt work. Two visits later and a change in lyrics, the song The Witch was born. The Sonics first 45 single was released on Etiquette Records in 1964.

Hollis Brown release “3 Shots” and announce European tourdates

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Since New York-based band Hollis Brown started out, they have grown into one of the most convincing current young rock ‘n’ roll acts. While their music is based on an almost inexhaustible pool of 60s and 70s influences yet anchored in the here and now, their releases show a clear development from the raw, direct sound of their debut to the complex, multi-faceted approach on their new album “3 Shots”. The album’s eleven songs document Hollis Brown’s grown creativity, more substantial songwriting and a more clearly-defined identity. “3 Shots” is their fourth full-lenght album, the first to be released in Europe on Blue Rose Records.

Named after an early Bob Dylan song (The Ballad Of Hollis Brown), school friends Mike Montali and Jon Bonilla founded this band as a quartet in 2009 in Queens, NY. Their eponymous debut and a few privately released EPs indicate great passion and drive as well as a search for musical direction. With the widely distributed 2013 album “Ride On The Train” Hollis Brown started a-rolling – with very fresh-sounding first-class American rock’n’roll. Combining 60ies and 70ies virtues with No Depression and alt.Americana sounds, the foursome convey a deep appreciation and knowledge of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, The Band, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones and The Kinks.

Produced by the experienced Adam Landry (Allison Moorer, Deer Tick) Hollis Brown are entering a garage-y, blues- and southern rock-drenched terrain with an not unlike Marah, Middle Brother, Felice Brothers, Delta Spirit, even Whiskeytown or Green On Red. The minimalist-rocking rhythm section of bassist Dillon DeVito and drummer Michael Graves provides a steady rumbling beat, lead guitarist Jon Bonilla knows exactly where to be economical and where to be crunchy with his riffs and Mike Montali is a mesmerizing frontman, teasing the audience with his high, nervous, cutting voice.

With the release (OUT TODAY) the band has a busy year ahead. This summer they start a North American stadium tour opening up for Counting Crows. Straight after they will come over to tour Europe, starting late October:

2015.10.20 Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn
2015.10.21 Hamburg-Bergedorf (DE) @ Sound Yard
2015.10.22 Eindhoven (NL) @ Effenaar
2015.10.23 Hengelo (NL) @ Metropool
2015.10.24 Oostende (BE) @ De Zwerver
2015.10.25 Edam (NL) @ Harmonie, A Walk About Music – Afternoon
2015.10.25 Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso – Evening
2015.10.26 London (UK) @ The Islington
2015.10.27 Newcastle (UK) @ The Cluny 2
2015.10.28 Leicester (UK) @ The Musician
2015.10.29 Nottingham (UK) @ The Maze
2015.10.30 Oxford (UK) @ The Bullingdon
2015.11.02 Zurich (CH) @ El Lokal
2015.11.03 Cantu (IT) @ All 1&35 Circa
2015.11.04 Grosseto (IT) @ The Dog House
2015.11.05 Vignola, Modena (IT) @ TBC
2015.11.06 Trevisio (IT) @ Montebelluna
2015.11.07 Dozza (IT) @ Teatro Comunale
2015.11.08 Vigevano (IT) @ Teatro Moderno
2015.11.10 Bilbao (ESP) @ Kafe Antzokia
2015.11.11 Madrid (ESP) @ Boite Live
2015.11.12 Valencia (ESP) @ Loco Club
2015.11.13 Barcelona (ESP) @ Rocksound
2015.11.14 Clermont Ferrand (FR) @ Le Baraka
2015.11.17 Heilbronn (DE) @ Red River Saloon
2015.11.20 Borger (NL) @ VanSlag

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