JP Harris & The Tough Choices tours Europe starting next week

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We’ve never taken a look at JP Harris‘ tour luggage, but we’re certain his bags include zero razors and an astounding amount of old-school honky tonk CDs. The rough-and-tumble, blue-collar foil to the pomaded pretty boys who play a similar style of throwback country music in Nashville’s Lower Broadway bars, Harris will spend the next few weeks zigzagging across Europe, racking up another few thousand kilometers on the road that goes on forever.

On his last European run he had the sweat dripping from the ceiling of the upstairs room of Paradiso when playing the aftershow to The Hackensaw Boys and The Devil Makes Three in June. So good thing to start off this next tour in Amsterdam again. This time at the Sugarfactory. But more dates including shows in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Swiss are line-up for JP & The Tough Choices:

31-08-2016: Amsterdam (NL) @ Sugar Factory
01-09-2016: Randers (DK) @ Memphis Mansion
03-09-2016: Tuna (SWE) @ Tuna Bygdegård
04-09-2016: Oslo (NO) @ Pokalen
07-09-2016: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
08-09-2016: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star
09-09-2016: Drachten (NL) @ Iduna
10-09-2016: Groningen (NL) @ Take Root
13-09-2016: Bern (CH) @ Les Amis
14-09-2016: Geneve (CH) @ Le Bateau
15-09-2016: Luzern (CH) @ Konzerthaus Schüür
16-09-2016: Liesberg (CH) @ Little Nashville
17-09-2016: Selm (DE) @ Lumberjacks
18-09-2016: Venlo (NL) @ Boogie Brew & Barbecue
18-09-2016: Utrecht (NL) @ De Helling with Ben Miller Band

In short, J.P. Harris plays Country Music. Not “Americana,” not “Roots,” “Folk,” or any other number of monikers used to describe a slew of spin-off genres; he plays from the foundation of these styles, the music that has influenced four generations of songwriters. In a world where pre-fixes have been added to the term “Country,” JP simply sticks to the old-fashioned sounds that have called to him. Referencing influences would be like describing each stitch in a quilt; every scrap of fabric tells a story of how the weathered and comfortable blanket came to be…

Born six minutes before Valentine’s Day in Montgomery AL in 1983, JP’s life was to be full of color, travel, hardship, and grace from the day he first saw the world. After more than six generations in Alabama, his family would leave seeking work, first to California and then on to Nevada. He left home on foot at the age of 14, traveling via thumb and freight train, living the next 4 years mostly from a backpack, tarp, and a bedroll. Eventually landing in the northeast, he worked as a farm laborer, equipment operator, lumberjack, luthier, and carpenter. In the summer of 2011, after two years of touring without much in the way of recorded music, Harris made a trip to the sweltering heat of south Louisiana. In an old Cajun cook shack he and a few pals pounded out an album in three days, and shortly after it’s completion, he made the move to Nashville.

Jenny Berkel announces “Pale Moon Kid” European release tour

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This October Jenny Berkel will release “Pale Moon Kid” in Europe via Popup Records. Starting next week she will be over for a short promo tour followed by a release tour which we are happy to announce today.

Jenny Berkel impresses with some intimate and very personal songs on her album “Pale Moon Kid”. Her soulful voice breathes and sings very close to the listeners ears.

“I grew up in the Canadian countryside, where I learned how to play piano and sing at a young age. Folk music, however, was not something I discovered until later on. The first time I heard Leonard Cohen was when I was 19 – it opened a whole new world of listening to me.”

Jenny Berkel combines soothing sounds, soulful poetry and classical folk. Her delicate vocals remind of a warm breath on a cold plate. This Canadian girl is inspired by the poetry of everyday’s life, she explains:

“The two most important elements for me as as a songwriter are being emotive and searching for poetry and precision in lyrics. I love Rainer Maria Rilke, the German poet – his advice in Letters to a Young Poet is to cultivate one’s own unique voice by really drawing from your own reality: your dreams, your memories, and the world around you as you see it in this exact moment, this precise light, this specific shade. Poetry in music is very important to me, but so too is connection – as a songwriter who is rooted in the folk tradition, I think it’s important to write in a way that can resonate with listeners.“

31-08-2016: Orebro (SWE) @ Live At Heart
01-09-2016: Orebro (SWE) @ Live At Heart
03-09-2016: Dresden (DE) @ Sound of Bronkow Festival
05-09-2016: Rotterdam (NL) @ Rotown support Amanda Bergman
06-09-2016: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus support Matthew Logan Vasquez
07-09-2016: Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
09-09-2016: Borger (NL) @ VanSlag support Laura Gibson
10-09-2016: Groningen (NL) @ Take Root

20-11-2016: Apeldoorn (NL) @ Gigant
22-11-2016: Nancy (FR) @ Home Sweet Home Festival #5
23-11-2016: Hamburg (DE) @ Pooca Bar
25-11-2016: Magdeburg (DE) @ Volksbad Buckau
26-11-2016: Trogen (DE) @ Folkclub Isaar
27-11-2016: Wesel (DE) @ JZ-Karo support Joseph Parsons
28-11-2016: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star

Robert Ellis reveals European tourdates this November/December

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With its contemplative storytelling and meandering, Paul Simon-meets-George Jones melodies, Robert Ellis’ breakthrough 2014 record “The Lights From The Chemical Plant” positioned the Houston-bred singer at the very forefront of Americana’s vanguard. Two years later, Robert Ellis, at just 27 years-old, is back with his self-titled fourth album, his finest work to date.

Most impressive are the leaps and risks Ellis, who self-produced the record, takes as he expands the typical country-folk palette with elaborate arrangements featuring MIDI keyboards, string sections, ambient noise, and synths. Aided by jazz-influenced guitarist Kelly Doyle, Ellis’ musical vision for country music in 2016 is just as boldly left-of-center as fellow new traditionalist Sturgill Simpson’s.

Robert Ellis’ self-titled album is the sound of a young songwriter solidifying his blend of East Nashville country with whatever sounds, styles, and sentiments that suit his interests. Or, as he puts it: “How can you call it art when you’re sticking to a dotted line?”

With this new album he crosses the Atlantic in September for an exclusive performance at Take Root, followed by a more extensive tour in November and December. Happy to reveal the first dates today!

10-SEP: Groningen (NL) @ Take Root
15-NOV: Brighton (UK) @ The Prince Albert
16-NOV: Winchester (UK) @ The Railway Inn
17-NOV: Plymouth (UK) @ The B-Bar
18-NOV :Manchester (UK) @ The Castle Hotel
19-NOV: Leeds (UK) @ High & Lonesome Festival
20-NOV: London (UK) @ O2 Academy Islington
22-NOV: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
23-NOV: Rotterdam (NL) @ Rotown
24-NOV: Oostende (BE) @ De Zwerver
26-NOV: Amsterdam (NL) @ Het Zonnehuis (presented by Paradiso)
27-NOV: Utrecht (NL) @ EKKO
03-DEC: Crailsheim (DE) @ 7180 Bar
06-DEC: Malmö (SWE) @ Folk å Rock
08-DEC: Stockholm (SWE) @ Bryggarsalen
09-DEC: Oslo (NO) @ John Dee

Solids tour UK supporting PUP starting next week

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After a successful EU tour last May/June in support of their EP “Else”, Solids will be back for a UK tour at the end of this month supporting PUP. See all dates below!

For those yet unknown with Solids Spill Magazine described them well: “Sometime in the early teens of the 21st century, a niche group of rock bands decided they were completely burned out on jangly Libertines-esque rock music, and dusted off their old Jawbox and Sebadoh cassettes. Fortunately for music nerds, the western world was already being inundated with reunions and reboots in films, music and television from the ‘90s, and a sudden surge of quality new bands reminiscent of that era wouldn’t come as such a shock.

Montreal duo Solids is one of those bands. They are the sonic equivalent of flipping through a high school yearbook over drinks with an old friend. The name checking, the nostalgia, and the perspective that comes with the passing of time. A noticeable amount of people you went to high school with are now real estate agents. Also, half the people you grew up with that were assholes have kind of mellowed out. Not bad.”

29-08-2016: Norich (UK) @ The Owl Sanctuary
30-08-2016: Birmingham (UK) @ The Rainbow
01-09-2016: Bristol (UK) @ The Exchange
02-09-2016: Southampton (UK) @ Joiners
04-09-2016: Manchester (UK) @ Soundcontrol
05-09-2016: Leeds (UK) @ Brudenell Social Club
06-09-2016: Glasgow (UK) @ King Tuts
07-09-2016: Nottingham (UK) @ Bodega
09-09-2016: London (UK) @ The Dome
10-09-2016: Kingston (UK) @ Fighting Cocks

The Urban Voodoo Machine back in Holland with “Hellbound Hymns”

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We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “Why should I care about The Urban Voodoo Machine? They’ve been around for ages, haven’t they? Aren’t they a novelty band who wears funny make-up? Don’t they sometimes play jazz? Aren’t half of them dead or something?”

So bear with us, sunshine, cos you clearly need educating.

“We’re not Americana and were definitely not ‘retro’,” says frontman Paul-Ronney Angel. “I write songs about living in London right now. Although having a shit time, no money, heartbreak, mental illness, addiction and suppression from the big guy is kinda universal and timeless, I guess…”

In 2014, when Angel named their third album “Love, Drink & Death!” he had no idea what the year had in store. In October, fiddle-player Rob Skipper died of an accidental heroin overdose, aged just 28. Guitarist Nick Marsh fought throat cancer throughout that year. He died in June 2015, aged 53. The Voodoo Machine transformed themselves into a New Orleans-style marching band for his funeral. The Urban Voodoo Machine Marching Band also played the Classic Rock Awards that year – the only band to do so without electricity.

And that brings us to new album “Hellbound Hymns”. Marsh plays on eight of its 13 songs. (Angel: “He was really putting the hours in when he knew the cancer had come back. He was like, ‘Right, these might be my last recordings with this band, so let’s roll the tape and make it a good one!”) To borrow one of the song titles, it’s all mixed-up. It’s part wake, part protest, part valediction – a party at the gates of hell – because the greatest tribute you can pay the dead is to live life to the full: “We will sing and we will dance/We will drink and we will laugh/We will not forget the past and our fallen brothers…”

26-08-2016: Den Haag (NL) @ Texas BBQ
02-09-2016: Arnhem (NL) @ Willemeen
03-09-2016: Heerlen (NL) @ Cultura Nova
(9 PM)
03-09-2016: Rotterdam (NL) @ De Nacht van de Kaap (2 AM)

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