Scott H. Biram starts EU tour early next week

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Scott H. Biram has some fun stuff coming up for the last half of 2014, including a full five week European tour in September and October, see all dates below!

Nothin’ But Blood” is his latest album out on Bloodshot Records: when you boil it all down in a simmering cauldron: sludge metal, the raw sucker punch of punk rock, profound truths of sentimental acoustic blues and country, the cleansing powers of gospel hymns and ballads, and folk tales from the early 20th century.

His singing, yodeling, growling, leering and brash preachin’ and hollerin’ is accompanied by sloppy riffs and licks and pounding backbeat brought forth by his amplified left foot. The remainder of this one-man band consists of an unwieldy combination of beat-up amplifiers and old microphones strung together by a tangled mess of guitar cables.

Yeas of compulsive touring, along with a steady diet of down and dirty blues, rock, punk, country, and hillbilly have developed Scott H. Biram’s signature concoction, attracting a hefty array of fans who dig the bizarre and twisted sides of the rock and roll spectrum. His live shows unleash a Lemmy-sized metal attitude, a stomping, pulsing John Lee Hooker-channeling, and cockeyed tales of black water baptisms and murder, all while romanticizing the on-the-road lifestyle.

Scott H. Biram isn’t a one-man band. He is THE one-man band!

03-09-2014: Fribourg (CH) @ Cafe du Belvedere
04-09-2014: Vienna (AT) @ Das Bach
05-09-2014: Wels (AT) @ Alter Schl8hof
06-09-2014: Bern (CH) @ Cafe Kairo
07-09-2014: Le Locle (CH) @ Le Lux
08-09-2014: Zurich (CH) @ El Lokal
09-09-2014: Vogogna (VB) (IT) @ La Loggia Del Leopardo
11-09-2014: Rennes (FR) @ Mondo Bizarro
12-09-2014: Lyon (FR) @ Marche Gare
13-09-2014: Perpignan (FR) @ L Ubu
14-09-2014: Montpellier (FR) @ Secret Place
15-09-2014: Barcelona (ESP) @ Rocksound
16-09-2014: Madrid (ESP) @ Boite Live
17-09-2014: Valencia (ESP) @ Loco Club
18-09-2014: Zaragoza (ESP) @ La Ley Seca
19-09-2014: A Coruna (ESP) @ Casa Tomada
20-09-2014: Bilbao (ESP) @ Azkena
21-09-2014: Santander (ESP) @ Escenario Santander
24-09-2014: Utrecht (NL) @ Kargadoor (icw Ekko)
25-09-2014: Lille (FR) @ EL Diablo
26-09-2014: Hasselt (BE) @ Muziekodroom
27-09-2014: Lessinnes (BE) @ CC Rene Magritte
28-09-2014: Drachten (NL) @ Iduna
29-09-2014: Duisburg (DE) @ Steinbruch
30-09-2014: Strassbourg (FR) @ Mudd Club
01-10-2014: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
02-10-2014: Darmstadt (DE) @ Bessunger Knabenschule
04-10-2014: Stuttgart (DE) @ Goldmarks
05-10-2014: Berlin (DE) @ Cortina Bob

Daniel Romano is on a freighter ship now and starts European tour this week

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Europe! Daniel Romano is currently on a freighter ship heading over. This Wednesday his first European show will take place in Dublin at the Grand Social. From there on Daniel and his band are touring all over Europe. From Ireland through the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Find all dates here.

For this European tour Daniel Romano recorded a 7 inch with two songs ‘Never Tire Of The Road‘ and ‘If I Had A Room‘. This 7 inch is had been recorded with Old Crow Medicine Show and Caitlin Rose and will be exclusively available on this tour. If you’re interested make sure you check out their merchandise at their shows.

Country Music is a study in contrasts. There’s glitz and grit, reveling and wallowing, wretchedness and showmanship. Country music’s pioneers wore their battered hearts on sequined sleeves. From Bakersfield to Galveston, the legends traded their tragicomic highs and lows for gold records and white Cadillacs. But that was then; the days of Buckaroos, Nudie Suits and various Hanks are over, save for the museum displays. To quote a George Jones title track, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?”

Enter Daniel Romano, a songwriter who delivers mosey croonin’ and hard luck storytelling. While references to marquee names like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are apparent in Romano’s music, the obvious influences certainly don’t demystify his talent. Romano works with equal parts authenticity and creativity, and his musical world is rich with archetypes and archrivals, wry observations and earnest confessions.

Legendary Shack Shakers are BACK in October/November

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Legendary Shack Shakers have just announced their return to Europe in October and November, including three stops in The Netherlands! We’re so happy they’re BACK!

Tickets are on sale now, pick them up right here:
2014.10.30 Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
2014.10.31 Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
2014.11.01 Nijmegen (NL) @ Doornroosje

Legendary Shack Shakers are back in October/November

The Legendary Shack Shakers’ hell-for-leather roadshow has earned quite a name for itself with its unique brand of Southern Gothic that is all-at-once irreverent, revisionist, dangerous, and fun. Led by their charismatic, rail-thin frontman and blues-harpist JD Wilkes, the Shack Shakers are a four-man wrecking crew from the South whose explosive interpretations of the blues, punk, rock and country have made fans, critics and legions of potential converts into true believers.

After taking more than a year off to work on other projects (including JD Wilkes’s book “Barn Dances & Jamborees Across Kentucky“), the band is re-mobilizing in the fall of 2014 much to the excitement of many a Shack Shaker fanatic. Despite the group’s time off, their reputation for intensity has stuck with them. On stage, JD has been compared to the likes of Iggy Pop, David Byrne, and Jerry Lee Lewis. The Nashville Scene named Wilkes “the best frontman in Nashville”, while former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra has called JD “the last great Rock and Roll frontman.”

Having joined the band in early 2012, garage blues guitar player Rod Hamdallah–who also lends his prowess to Wilkes’s side project ‘JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers’–is back in the Shack Shakers’ lineup. The rhythm section is rounded out with Brett Whitacre on drums and Mark Robertson thumping out the upright bass.

Larry and His Flask tornado through Europe!

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Our friends – Larry and His Flask – from Bend, OR are over for the second time this year this month. After a tour last May on which they made a great amount of new fans they now do a string of shows on festivals and some headline shows.

For those yet unfamiliar with Larry and His Flask: expect a party! Mashing up bluegrass, folk, punk, gypsy jazz or country to a wild crazy party! Running around like loose springs from corner to corner ánd in front of the stage molesting the upright bass, trombone, trumpet and banjo. This band is a MUST see!

This will likely be the band’s last tour for at least a year; they are taking a break from the extensive touring and will also commence writing a new album. So we better enjoy this upcoming dates to the fullest.

Dates include appearances at the sold out Lowlands festival in Biddinghuizen (NL), Musikfestwochen in Winterthur (CH), the Radio Onda d’Urto Festival in Brescia (IT), Gevarenwinkel Festival in Herselt (BE), Lab-Fest in Stuttgart (DE) and more dates all across mainland Europe. Find all dates right here.

Miraculous Mule plan ‘Blues Uzi’ and do THREE Benelux shows

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Miraculous Mule will be over again:
2014.08.15: Oostende (BE) @ Paulusfeesten
2014.08.16: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
2014.08.17: Helmond (NL) @ Lokaal 42

This all in advance of a “Blues Uzi“, their new release planned for September 15th on Bronze Rat Records.

Patrick McCarthy explains the title of the new release: “The blues is a feeling not a genre, it goes fully automatic”. Blues definitely is the closest that comes by explaining the music for this band that calls themselves the Three Headed Bluesmonster but they also have different influences such as some garage rock, gospel, hillbilly but even they could be founded close to gothic.

We always think it’s dangerous to compare anyone with people like Nick Cave or Captain Beefheart but Miraculous Mule for sure has links to these outsiders.

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