× Will Hoge brings 'Anchors' to Europe for tour in March

Will Hoge brings 'Anchors' to Europe for tour in March


"I hit a wall," says Will Hoge. "I was doing the best touring of my career and I had a great, steady gig writing songs, but I was falling out of love with being in a band. I had to figure out what was next."

For Hoge, what came next was a quest to reclaim the joy and the magic that had drawn him to music in the first place. He let his band go and hit the road for roughly a year of solo shows. He felt rejuvenated by the freedom and began writing material that reenergized him. Those songs ignited a dormant flame somewhere deep within his soul, and now they form the bulk of Anchors, his strongest and most nuanced album to date.

Hoge is an extremely prolific songwriter with ten albums under his belt and countless songs written for others (including a Grammy nomination). Never fitting particularly neatly into a genre box, he's always just made the music that moved him. 

With Anchors he will be over in Europe for a short tour in March 2018:

01-MRT: Groningen (NL) @ Lola 
02-MRT: Enschede (NL) @ Nix en Meer 
03-MRT: Odense (DK) @ Dexter 
04-MRT: Kristianstad (SWE) @ Bijardkompaniet 
05-MRT: Copenhagen (DK) @ Beta 
06-MRT: Malmö (SWE) @ Folk å Rock 
07-MRT: Stockholm (SWE) @ Bryggarsalen