× Two Cow Garage tour Europe with "The Death Of The Self-Preservation Society"

Two Cow Garage tour Europe with "The Death Of The Self-Preservation Society"


Nearly a decade after dropping their debut full-length, "Please Turn The Gas Back On", Columbus, Ohio based Two Cow Garage have just released their sixth studio album, "The Death Of The Self-Preservation Society" to the world. It’s not as polished as their previous album and probably is their best work to date. Their live shows are a thing of beauty too and this latest cut comes as close to capturing that on a record as possible. It demands volume, it's impolite, and drags you into bassist Shane Sweeney and frontman Micah Schnabel's world while kicking you right in the teeth. This latest effort will prove to continue the arc of the band's development and further blur the lines between rock, Americana and punk.

As one of the most consistently-touring indie band today, Two Cow Garage continues to captivate audiences with live shows that serve-up manic stage energy, gritty chord changes and subtle lyric-mindedness. The band's intense, fiery persona conjures authentic tunes that would be as at home in a Raymond Carver story as they are on a stereo in the dead heat of an August, midwestern night.

The song "The Little Prince & Johnny Toxic" has just dropped and the band is about to embark on a new European adventure. Tourdates in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Spain and the UK: all dates can be found here: www.sedate-bookings.com/site/tourdates.