× Three summer festivals for Teenage Bottlerocket this month

Three summer festivals for Teenage Bottlerocket this month


Teenage Bottlerocket are a punk rock band who play in the tight, fast, funny, and frantic SoCal manner, even though they hail from Laramie, Wyoming rather than the Golden State. Ray Carlisle's rapid-fire vocals fire off snotty observations about various pop culture phenomena, Carlisle and Kody Templeman generate a steady buzz of down stroked guitars, and the rhythm section of Miguel Chen and Darren Chewka keep the songs hopping at a pulse suitable for pogo'ing or circling the pit.

Teenage Bottlerocket will return to the road, and you can expect to hear plenty of new tracks of their last release So Dumb and some old hits, peppered into their already high-energy sets. Given that the band is already two decades old, however, is there any chance of the band slowing down?

Carlisle shoots that idea down right away. “I want to have the best next 10 years,” the singer says. “We’ve grinded the grind. Nowwe get to actually enjoy being a band, and not think too much about different ways to try and‘make it.’ We’reriding this wave we built ourselves. I wanna surf it for another 10 years.”

High energy, down stokes new songs and old hits: This month Teenage Bottlerocket will be over for three festivals:
23/07: Koog aan de Zaan, NL - Haltpop
23/07: Lichtenvoorde, NL - Zwarte Cross
29/07: Vlaardingen, NL - Rock 'n Ramps

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