× The Urban Voodoo Machine are here this weekend!

The Urban Voodoo Machine are here this weekend!


This weekend our favourite bourbon slamming, beer drinking, rock 'n' roll orchestra will come back to the Benelux. Of cource we are talking about nobody else than the Urban Voodoo Machine. The band calls their music Bourban Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop'N'Stroll and a better discribtion can't be found. Leaded by the Norwegean vocalist and guitar player Paul-Ronney Angel this band is weaponed with TWO drummers, guitars, upright bass, horns, accordion and many more intruments. Think about one, they play it. Last summer they set Paaspop and Dranauter Folk upside down. This weekend we expect this rock'n roll circus to do the same in the clubs they play.

01-12-2011: Eindhoven (NL) @ Altstadt
02-12-2011: Venlo (NL) @ Perron 55
03-12-2011: Harelbeke (BE) @ Aarsfest
04-12-2011: Amsterdam (NL) @ OT301 (Facebook event)

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