× The Urban Voodoo Machine are back in Benelux next week

The Urban Voodoo Machine are back in Benelux next week


We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “Why should I care about The Urban Voodoo Machine? They’ve been around for ages, haven’t they? Aren’t they a novelty band who wears funny make-up? Don’t they sometimes play jazz? Aren’t half of them dead or something?” So bear with us, sunshine, cos you clearly need educating.

The Urban Voodoo Machine is a collective of shadowy, London based, ne’er do wells, led by Norwegian born songwriter/frontman Paul-Ronney Angel. Featuring up to nine musicians at any given time, The ‘Machine mash-up guitars, twin drummers, fiddle, trumpet, tuba, banjo, washboard, upright bass, gong, mandolin, accordion, harmonicas, saxophone, sousaphone and even empty bottles and tie racks to create their unique brand of Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll.


For almost 20 years the band have toured with artists such as The Pogues, New York Dolls and their own headline shows in the UK, mainland Europe and USA and have no intention of slowing down. Their musical output is regular with an album or singles from the band or their frontman released every year they will continue to be wow audiences with new and innovative songs.

This weekend the band will be back in the Benelux for a handful of shows:
09/06: Utrecht, NL - dBs 
10/06: Deventer, NL - Burgerweeshuis
11/06: Linter, BE - Picking Bones Festival

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