× The Legendary Shack Shakers visit the UK and Norway

The Legendary Shack Shakers visit the UK and Norway


The Legendary Shack Shakers are hitting off this hit-'n-run tour in Birmingham and ending it excactly 7 days later in Trømso. See a full list of dates underneath, most UK dates they are supported by The Dirt Daubers.

14-07-2012: Birmingham (UK) @ Temple with The Dirt Daubers
15-07-2012: Manchester (UK) @ The Deaf Institute with The Dirt Daubers
16-07-2012: Bristol (UK) @ Fleece
17-07-2012: London (UK) @ Borderline with The Dirt Daubers
21-07-2012: Tromso (NO) @ Bukta Festival

Check out this review from their last European appearance and be warned: The Shack Shakers effortlessly live up to their self-proclaimed legendary status, their intimidating stage presence and sheer velocity of sound makes lesser bands look dull-witted, lazy and pedestrian. They fucking destroyed the place. Their set is a southern state carnie revue, of roughneck country, blues getting brutal, gypsy folk and every known ‘billy’ genre in existence; barbed together by rigid polka metronomes and rolling riffs that rise from their cultural swamp like a particularly pernicious miasma. The Colonel JD Wilkes evidently had some demons to exercise tonight, an edgy ginger runt stalking the stage with a worrying air of unpredictability, he sang and blew into his mouth-harp as if he was choking on ectoplasm. In full-on preacher mode, getting bent double on invocation, he got creative with his mucus, contorted playfully and enjoyed the odd genital massage when his hand traveled deep-south. Affectionately confrontational, he baptised one front row punter with swift microphone smack to his head; the beautiful smile that broke out across this poor fucker’s face was a thing to behold. Long-term sidekick Mark Robertson on stand-up bass with two newbies on guitar and drums were as tight as the proverbial, barely ceasing between an enviable body of songs and slamming through old favorites like Ichabod and CB Song. Demolition was effectively completed.