× The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter by Li'l Andy tours Europe for the first time in June

The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter by Li'l Andy tours Europe for the first time in June


The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (1925 - 1930) is a box set, novel, and experimental recording project by acclaimed Montreal songwriter Li'l Andy. Based upon the “life story” of fictitious country music legend Hezekiah Procter, the album was recorded on antique equipment from the 1930s to create an authentic 78-rpm era sound. A startling invention from the artist No Depression calls "Montreal's greatest country songwriter today."

About Li’l Andy: The New York Times has described Li’l Andy as “...a performer who commands a stage effortlessly through his baritone voice and engaging between-song banter...” The Village Voice calls his music “Roots-based Americana that actually deserves to be made”. In the past decade, he has released 4 albums, toured Canada extensively, and been named “Best Country/Folk Act” in Cult MTL Magazine five years in a row.

Li'l Andy about The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (1925 - 1930):

Everything about this album is fake.

The songs were written by me, but as a fictional old-time musician I created by the name of “Hezekiah Procter”. Starting in 1925, when he began playing in medicine shows and vaudeville, Procter became one of the early legends of stringband music.

He was there when companies like The Victor Talking Machine Co. began making money selling “hillbilly” music. By the time of his disappearance in 1930, he had done much to define what country music is. Cantankerous, God-fearing, and self-destructive, he is Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, and Charlie Poole all rolled into one.  After I wrote his songs, I recorded them with the two best old-time bands in existence today: Sheesham & Lotus ‘n Son and The Ever Lovin’ Jug Band.

I was Hezekiah while I sang and played. And each musician became the characters that appear in Hezekiah’s life story. The recording sessions were as much acting as they were playing music.

We're very excited to bring over this special project to Europe for the first time this June:

14/06: Copenhagen, DK - Alice
16/06: Drachten, NL - Iduna
17/06: Nijmegen, NL - Kids ’n Billies
18/06: Terschelling, NL - Oerol
19/06: Lint, BE - ’t Groot Verzet
20/06: Krefeld, DE - Kulturrampe
23/06: Bottelare, BE - 't Ketske
24/06: Rotterdam, NL - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
25/06: Middelburg, NL - Eindeloos Eiland Festival


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