× The Briefs are back: Utrecht and Arnhem this month

The Briefs are back: Utrecht and Arnhem this month


Skinny ties, plastic sunglasses, matching bleach-blond dye jobs, bad haircuts and a record collection centred on The Adverts, Buzzcocks, The Undertones and The Weirdos. Yes folks The Briefs are back with a brand new album! Platinum Rats is the band’s fifth LP and the first since 2005’s Steal Yer Heart. 

That’s not to say they’ve not been busy – Singer guitarist Steve E. Nix and bassist Steve Kicks have released three albums in the last decade by their other band The Cute Lepers. Where The Cute Lepers records feature some added power-pop drive, The Briefs are closer in spirit to pure ’77 punk – loud, raucous and fierce, yet cohesive, hooky and hilarious. There's quite some history but fans both old and new should check out Platinum Rats, 12 tracks of pure punk rock pandemonium, it will not disappoint!

With Platinum Rats, The Briefs finally make it back to the Netherlands again:

06/07: Utrecht, NL - dBs 
13/07: Arnhem, NL - Willemeen