× Shooter Jennings announces Sweden Rock Festival and more..

Shooter Jennings announces Sweden Rock Festival and more..


Shooter Jennings (born Waylon Albright Jennings in '79) is one of the most important American country music singers right now. The only child of original outlaw country legend Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. His father nicknamed him "Shooter" after he urinated on a nurse shortly after birth.  

For Shooter Jennings, the current landscape of outlaw-inspired country lacks the fiercely independent spirit of his iconic father and the gang of musicians originally given that name.

Seemingly always at odds with the mainstream, Jennings portrays himself more as an outsider by choice through a mix of Americana roots/rock, traditional country and a strong dose of 1970s psychedelica.  

Drawing on legends such as Jimmie Rogers and George Jones but not above cow-punk (The White Trash Song features Scott H. Biram), our man is most at home in counter-culture where the likes of Patty Griffin and Jim Dandy queue up to guest. 

Shooter Jennings will be over for a short tour in the beginning of June 2018:

02 JUNE: Untermeitingen (DE) @ Four Corners 
05 JUNE: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 
07-09 JUNE: Sölvesborg (SWE) @ Sweden Rock