× Senora May tours Europe starting this weekend

Senora May tours Europe starting this weekend


Senora May’s music and voice undulates like the foothills, hollers, and benches of the Appalachian Mountains she calls home. A frugal lifestyle in rural Kentucky has contributed to her experience in and commitment to self-reliance, resiliency, hard work and independence. Her songs, like the artist herself, are adamant on maintaining the delicate balance of these forces for an honest translation of her experiences as a woman born unto the Appalachian Culture, a woman in love with nature’s cyclical offerings of life and death and the gettin’ by in between. 

Many of Senora’s songs were inspired by her encounters with solitude. Some were born from her traipsin’ around Europe in college when she lied to her parents about the duration of her study abroad. She’d hitchhiked from Ostia, Italy to Dublin, Ireland, across countries, through major cities and along dirt, back roads finding refuge among the kindhearted folks of rural Slovenia, Germany and England.

Her debut album, Lainhart, exhibits her songwriting techniques of storytelling through living and loving with the hope that these songs are the start of a long conversation between her encounters and her fans. This premier album is, simply put, a fine introduction of her potential as a vital voice in the history of Kentucky and Appalachian culture. And we have the chance to see her perform in Europe in October and November:

26/10: Solingen, DE - Valve Records Studio
27/10: Edam, NL - A Walk About Music
28/10: London, UK - The Green Note
29/10: Hull, UK - Bean & Nothingness
31/10: Utrecht, NL - TivoliVredenburg w/ Erin Rae
02/11: Groningen, NL - Take Root
03/11: Leuven, BE - 30CC w/ Robert Ellis, Erin Rae