× Sam Outlaw over for Take Root Festival this weekend

Sam Outlaw over for Take Root Festival this weekend


You wouldn’t expect a country artist named Outlaw to follow a conventional trajectory would you? He’s a former business high-flyer who didn’t become a professional musician until he’d turned 30. He's a singer-songwriter who in spite of being inspired by the greats didn’t fall in love with country until his early 20s. And he resides in Los Angeles not Nashville. This is the story of Sam Outlaw, a neo-traditional troubadour whose melancholy SoCal sound belies his rebellious moniker.


With touchstones as distinct and varied as George Jones, Mariachi music, Gram Parsons, 1980s soft rockers Jackson Browne and much more. His 2015 debut album ‘Angeleno’, produced by the legendary Ry Cooder, received plenty of critical acclaim. Earlier this year Outlaw released his eagerly anticipated sophomore effort ‘Tenderheart’ on which he's touring Europe as we speak. Go see him this weekend at Take Root Festival in Groningen


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