× Robert Ellis returns to Europe in June

Robert Ellis returns to Europe in June


After a successful European tour last November Robert Ellis will return for a short tour in June. We’re happy to share the first two dates today.

Robert Ellis has named his new album after himself and the reason is clear. The album is both his most personal statement yet and a summation of his career thus far. Robert Ellis opens with Perfect Strangers, a meditation on what brings people together (and how tenuous that connection can be), and ends with It’s Not OK, a raw look at emotional compromise.

Also California is on the album of which the video was hailed by Rolling Stone as one of the 10 Best Country Videos of 2016. This breakup story unfolds like a film whose reels have been spliced out of sequence. Pulling double duty as the video’s co-director (with Cullen Kelly) and female lead, Erika Alexandrea Silverman gives us a non-linear swirl of memories – a Texas rodeo, a makeout session in the kitchen, a heated argument, an adorable toddler – and demands the viewer place them in order.

05-JUNE: Raalte (NL) @ Ribs & Blues
10-JUNE: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso

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