× Pert Near Sandstone's EU summer tour: including Roskilde Festival and Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival

Pert Near Sandstone's EU summer tour: including Roskilde Festival and Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival


One of the most joyful things about bluegrass, aside from the uptempo banjo picking and fiddling, is how bands huddle around one shared microphone. There’s a wonderfully classic approach to such a live setting –and bluegrass is music to be played live – and even the new wave of bluegrass bands (some call this wave newgrass) stick to the traditions.

Pert Near Sandstone is one of the best contemporary bluegrass bands out there. They have burst onto the American roots music scene in a flurry of fiddling, picking and stomping (they’re bringing a limber dancer who taps and slaps along, making everybody want to dance!). They’re stewards to old string band music, and even their own material sounds like it could have been written by coal miners in the 1920s. 

It was roughly a decade ago that  first gathered around a microphone in a Minneapolis basement to record their debut album, Up And Down The River. So much has happened since then: highs and lows, personal struggles and artistic triumphs, new faces and new sounds.

The winding road they've traveled over the years makes it all the more meaningful for the band to come full circle on their dazzling new release, Discovery Of Honey, which finds them once again recording in a basement and reuniting with founding member Ryan Young, who's spent the past seven years touring the world playing fiddle with bluegrass stars Trampled By Turtles

This summer the Pert Near Sandstone will be making their way over to Europe and we're happy to announce a bunch of the dates today including festival appearances at Roskilde Festival and the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival.

21-JUN: Selestat (FR) @ Fête de la Musique w/ Scott H. Biram
22-JUN: Frankfurt (DE) @ Dreiköningskeller
24-JUN: Rotterdam (NL) @ Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
25-JUN: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso w/ Margo Price
27-JUN: Berlin (DE) @ Quasimodo
29-JUN: Roskilde (DK) @ Roskilde Festival
01-JUL: Crailsheim (DE) @ 7180 Bar

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