× Nat Myers' first European tour is about to get rolling

Nat Myers' first European tour is about to get rolling


Blues music can be raucous and ready to party, but can also speak directly to struggle and social inequality. Nat Myers, a Korean-American poet raised on hardcore and hip-hop, adds to the canon of songs that sound off on racist stereotypes. From his album of the same name, Yellow Peril is an up-tempo number that takes on the waves of Asian hate surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a swagger that leaps out of the speakers, Myers plays slide on his resonator guitar to a rhythm straight from the Delta. "Everywhere I been somebody being abused / Never gonna win some of us are born to lose / Just wanna have a little fun before we die / There never ever was no difference 'tween you and I," he sings, punctuating his message with finger picking that is as precise as it is intense.

Nat Myers, hailing from Northern Kentucky, carries on the traditions of the blues while simultaneously shattering every stereotype that comes with them on the album produced by Dan Auerbach and released on Easy Eye Records. Myers pulls from a wide range of historical threads while remaining thoroughly modern - using fleet riffs, complex rhythms, and quick tempos to tell tales full of intelligence, soul, contradiction and nuance. 

Soon Myers will tour in Europe for the first time, with further touring plans in summer shaping up too:

23/01: Nancy, FR - L'Autre Canal
24/01: Besançon, FR - La Rodia
25/01: Clemmont-Ferrand, FR - La Coopérative de Mai
26/01: Orléans, FR - L'Astrolabe
27/01: Rouen, FR - Le 106
28/01:  Paris, FR - La Maroquinerie
29/01: Lint, BE - 't Groot Verzet
30/01: Nijmegen, NL - Merleyn
31/01: Middelburg, NL - De Spot
01/02: Laval, FR – 6PAR4
02/02: Bordeaux, FR - Rock School Barbey
03/02: Payrin-Augmontel, FR - Festival Autan de Blues 
04/02: Miramont de Guyenne, FR - Staccato

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