× Nashville cult favorites Cordovas are returning to Europe this June

Nashville cult favorites Cordovas are returning to Europe this June


Already cult favorites in Nashville, Cordovas are returning to Europe this June to do two series of gigs in the Netherlands and Germany.  Everyone in this East Nashville band is a lead vocalist. The country-rock group is committed to the sound of brotherhood, a few voices sharing a feeling. "Cordovas is always about guys singing," Joe Firstman says. "If you removed the mics and sat on the front porch, it should be able to translate. Trade the electric instruments for acoustic instruments and mandolins, that's still the band. Why would you not sing harmony?"

For his part, Firstman always has. When he was a child in North Carolina, Firstman's family car had a tape stuck in its machine. One of Patsy Cline's greatest hits collections would play every time he, his mother and his two brothers drove anywhere. It drove his brothers crazy, but not Firstman. "My mom and I could pick out thirds and fifths and could harmonize," he says. "She could tell me why it was so devastating or beautiful. She could point to the little bit of vibrato at the end of the line and say, 'Listen, did you hear that little thing she did?' or she could do it and I could hear her do it and match it up."



07 JUNE: Amsterdam (NL) - Q-Factory 
08 JUNE: Weert (NL) - De Bosuil 
09 JUNE: Drachten (NL) - Jun Fan Peije 
20 JUNE: Ingolstadt (DE) - Neue Welt 
21 JUNE: Groningen (NL) @ De Oosterpoort  
22 JUNE: Vlaardingen (NL) @ Kroepoekfabriek 
23 JUNE: Nijmegen (NL) @ Kids n Billies 


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