× Munly & The Lupercalians start Europe tour with "Undelivered Legion" this weekend

Munly & The Lupercalians start Europe tour with "Undelivered Legion" this weekend


Undelivered Legion is the first in a series of three albums to be released by SCACUNINCORPORATED record label: one each by Munly & The Lupercalians, (#1), Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (#2) and  DBUK (#3). Each album spins the tales and stories of various characters within Munly J Munly’s fictional world of the Kinnery of Lupercalia. With Undelivered Legion Munly & The Lupercalians get over to Europe starting this weekend:

01/10: Waardamme, BE - Cowboy Up
02/10: Antwerpen, BE - Trix
04/10: Valencia, ESP - Loco Club
05/10: Madrid, ESP - Wurlitzer Ballroom
06/10: A Coruña, ESP - Garufa
07/10: Santander, ESP - Sala Niágara
08/10: Barcelona, ESP - La Textil
11/10: Zürich, CH - El Lokal
12/10: Schaffhausen, CH - TapTab
13/10: Bologna, IT - Circolo Dev
14/10: Ebensee, AT - Kino Ebensee
15/10: Škofja Loka, SLO - Pri Rdeči Ostrigi
16/10: Vienna, AT - Chelsea
17/10: Budapest, HUN - Robot
18/10: Zagreb, CR - Močvara
19/10: Belgrade, SRB - KC Grad
20/10: Bratislava, SK - FUGA
21/10: Krakow, PL - Southern Discomfort
22/10: Warsaw, PL - Klub Hydrozagadka
24/10: Brno, CZ - Kabinet Múz
25/10: Prague, CZ - Meet Factory
26/10: Dresden, DE - Groove Station
27/10: Berlin, DE - Badehaus
28/10: Bielefeld, DE - Forum
29/10: Paris, FR - The Backstage
30/10: Haarlem, NL - Slachthuis
31/10: Athens, GR - Temple

Munly in his own words: "Sometimes talking is not enough, if I had a racist Aunt I would chose to expunge her from my life. If I had a gay Brother I would do whatever he needed of me, anything to support him. If someone I know had been shamed their entire life I would help put down the abuser. My most powerful tool is through the medium I’ve attached myself to.  That does not mean I won’t march, donate, vote...for what is right. I do not participate in social media. Yes, I have a silence about myself. That will most likely continue if there is a future. These days I question that as a possibility. I have always been hesitant to give something that is unnecessary, yet, the way this world is going this ‘Is’ necessary; in the upcoming writings of Lupercalia there are He/Shes, deviants, men in power who did nothing to earn it, there are unfulfilled Gods, animals that are abused, a prison for women...and there are a smaller portion of upstanding people. But, they have waited to stand up, they did not make their voices heard...and everyone dies at the end. I will continue to work as I can to keep this as only a fiction. I don’t have a motto to live by, though, everyday I attempt to be a better person than my previous days."

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