× Miss Tess opener for JP Harris' European tourdates in August

Miss Tess opener for JP Harris' European tourdates in August


Miss Tess got her musical start at home in Maryland; her parents would sing her to sleep with the gentle, tender sounds of American folk songs, occasionally interrupted by their 30s swing band rehearsing in the basement. Tess studied piano as a child, and as a teenager took up the guitar and singing, eventually began her own studies in early jazz and blues. All grown up and currently living in Nashville, Miss Tess regularly steals the show at venues with something a little rowdier and more eclectic. Infused with classic country and honky-tonk, southern rhythm & blues, New Orleans jazz and swing, and sounds of swamp pop and early rock n’ roll, she is an embodiment of everything that it still home-grown in America.

On her newest release Baby, We All Know, Miss Tess continues to explore her own personal crossroads of American roots music. This full-length release features eleven finely crafted and well-sung original songs. Heightened by Tess’ prowess on her Weymann archtop guitar, she is accompanied by top-notch musicians, featuring her touring guitar player ace and co-conspirator Thomas Bryan Eaton. A follow up to 2012’s Sweet Talk and 2013’s The Love I Have for You, both released on Signature Sounds Recordings, Baby, We All Know was released independently and received accolades in the press as well as reaching the Top 20 in AMA Radio Charts and being included in the top 100 albums of the year for 2016.

We're happy to announce Miss Tess will be opening for JP Harris & The Tough Choices on these dates:

03/08: Amsterdam (NL) @ Q-Factory
04/08: Siegen (DE) @ Vortex Surfer 
06/08: Storebro (SWE) @ Gillestugan 
09/08: Loeberup (SWE) @ Solhaellan 
10/08: Nässjö (SWE) @ Stadsparken 
11/08: Höganäs (SWE) @ Garage Bar 
12/08: Falkoping (SWE) @ Parkfestivalen 
15/08: Gothenburg (SWE) @ Pustervik 
16/08: Hamburg (DE) @ Helter Skelter Bar 
17/08: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe 
18/08: Stuttgart (DE) @ Goldmarks  
20/08: Boningen (CH) @ Farm Concert 
21/08: Belp (CH) @ Campagna
22/08: Berlin (DE) @ Quasimodo 
23/08: Nurnberg (DE) @ Kuenstlerhaus K4 
24/08: Vlaardingen (NL) @ Kroepoekfabriek 
25/08: Selm (DE) @ Lumberjacks 
26/08: Den Haag (NL) @ Texas BBQ