× Mike & The Moonpies over for Huercasa Country Festival this summer

Mike & The Moonpies over for Huercasa Country Festival this summer


Mike & the Moonpies are coming back over to Europe in 2020. This time not for to record an other album but to play out live. The Texas country-rock band comes over with one of the best albums of the year under their belt, the London Symphony-assisted "Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold". Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the LP captures the Moonpies at the top of their game, deftly mixing sweeping Countrypolitan sounds with outlaw lyricism.

The Austin quintet immediately resets on opener "Cheap Silver" as a sharp rush of strings bend into a lush sway under Mike Harmeier's barstool croon. The result drives the locals into Seventies Mickey Gilley territory, while "You Look Good in Neon" swings behind smooth steel and "Danger" taps Shooter Jennings. Aaron Sinclair's "Young in Love" rings gorgeous and melancholy, as does the closing, string-laden cover of "London Homesick Blues." Old dogs sometimes learn exceptional new tricks.

Onstage, they’ll still kick your teeth in (musically speaking of course), but do it suavely with a croon and Sinatra style. Today Mike & The Moonpies are announce for Huercasa Country Festival in July, more European dates will be added to their tourlist shortly:

10-11 July Riaza, ESP - Huercasa Country Festival