× METZ take 'Strange Peace' to Hedon and Le Guess Who? this week

METZ take 'Strange Peace' to Hedon and Le Guess Who? this week


Post-grunge/noise/hardcore juggernaut and overall cool Canadians METZ have released two cool album worth of aural onslaught. This time around, the band frantically push their well-established sound even further, capturing the notorious intensity of their live shows with new album Strange Peace, recorded with Steve Albini in just four days.

With all the pleasurable tension and anxiety of a fever dream, Strange Peace is equal parts challenging and accessible. It is this implausible balancing act, moving from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, that only a band of METZ’s power and capacity can maintain: discordant and melodic, powerful and controlled, meticulous and instinctive, subtle and complex, precise and reckless, wholehearted and merciless, brutal and optimistic, terrifying and fun.

METZ are in NL for two shows this month:
9-NOV - Zwolle - Hedon w/ Brian Case
11-NOV - Utrecht - Le Guess Who?

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