× METZ announce three NL shows; SOLIDS to support

METZ announce three NL shows; SOLIDS to support


Exiting news on Monday! Metz are to return to NL for three shows this spring! Plus fellow Canadians Solids are to support on all three shows! Announced today; on sale on Friday:

30-05-2016: Heerlen (NL) @ Nieuwe Nor 
31-05-2016: Rotterdam (NL) @ Rotown
01-06-2016: Groningen (NL) @ Vera

Toronto-based Metz has consistently continued to gain praise for their fabled live performances as well as their general uncompromising attitude towards their creative output, regardless of public reception (which is, in fact, quite positive). After two well-received full length albums on Sub Pop since the band’s inception in 2012 (self-titled and II) and an incredible amount of touring, the trio has recently teamed up with Three One G for the first time to release the Eraser/Pure Auto 7”.

No tempo is sacred and no riff too maniacal on this release, which is about par for the course when dealing with Metz. “Eraser” features vocals full of feedback and distortion, far away as if vocalist Alex Edkins is singing (or shouting, as the song calls for) at us through an old walkie-talkie. More specifically, through a walkie-talkie with a self-detonating landmine filled-field of drummer Hayden Menzies and bassist Chris Slorach’s explosive playing between it and the listener. Pitchfork did a live recording of this song recently, check it here:

Montreal duo Solids have the kind of classic grungey slacker rock sound that is really special when done well. The band are now getting ready to release their EP Else this April on Topshelf/Dine Alone Records. The duo will tour Europe this spring with these three dates as the first to be announced. Stay tuned for more.

Just premiered a couple a days ago is "Blank Stare," a song that's almost soothing in the way Solids' Xavier Germain-Poitra and Louis Guillemette reflect on resisting the urge to fall into routine, with their own songwriting, and, well, life in general. It's like a really cool reminder to get off your butt and challenge yourself, because you can't grow without pushing yourself to open up to new experiences. Even if it's hard, you gotta do it. That's what "Blank Stare" is about, and there's nothing better than a great rock song to get you out of a slump.

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