× Mandolin Orange for TWO shows to The Netherlands

Mandolin Orange for TWO shows to The Netherlands


After the breakout critical success of Mandolin Orange's Yep Roc debut, 'This Side of Jordan,' you'd expect the relentless onslaught of touring that accompanied it to seep into the writing of the North Carolina duo's follow-up. You'd expect the sound to reflect long days on the road, long nights onstage, unfamiliar cities, countless miles. You'd expect the classic "road record." But you'd be wrong."All of these songs are definitely a product of being on the road," says multi-instrumentalist/singer Emily Frantz of Mandolin Orange's gorgeous new album, 'Such Jubilee,' "but they're not about the road."

Though these songs are not about the road, touring is what the band has been doing after their release. All over the United States and now they'll come to Europe including TWO gigs in the Netherlands:
18-NOV: Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn
19-NOV: Borger (NL) @ VanSlag

The simple building blocks Mandolin Orange use to shape their songs are immediately familiar as the most basic of Americana music: acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, fiddle. But most importantly for this North Carolina duo, vocal harmonies form the core, and nearly the entirety of, Mandolin Orange’s tracks. Yet like the best practitioners of American roots music, from the nameless founders to the like-minded stars of today, Mandolin Orange bring their songs to life with enough honesty and humanity to make that simple foundation expand into much more.

Such Jubilee, the fourth album from Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz, is a predominantly quiet collection of 10 songs, direct in their purpose and execution. Like many a band that have found themselves tied to the road after a breakthrough album, Mandolin Orange’s follow-up to This Side of Jordan takes its inspiration from that state of constant flux, only in this instance it’s about looking back home from a new perspective.

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