× Maison du Malheur announce "Stomping Ground" clubtour for the fall

Maison du Malheur announce "Stomping Ground" clubtour for the fall


Unstoppable, unbeatable, not to be labeled, not to market and barely manageable: burn your life jacket, forget the safety belts, throw out your helmet and hold tight: Maison du Malheur are back. A surging musical brothel, populated by razor-sharp horns, a superior guitarist, a coal stoker of a drummer and a world-class brother pianist. Led by a captain who often is amazed what revs his crew pull again, to agree quickly while grinning. Frontman JP Mesker has a record collection that runs from Louis Armstrong via Tom Waits to Nick Cave. He started Maison du Malheur in 2011 as singer-songwriter. Within four year his 'project' has become an eight-man orchestra, have sold thousands of albums ("Waiting For Trouble To Come", "Wicked Transmission"), played hundreds of flaming appearances (totally more than a hundred thousand enthusiastic spectators) and did a well-paying beer commercial.

Maison du Malheur celebrate every performance as if it is a jubilee. With irrepressible eagerness they mount each stage, to plug and go! They love to quickly start a sanctuary: a rock 'n' roll hangout for the damned and wanderers, for outsiders and insiders, for adventures and other oddballs. And yes, that's dynamic and energetic and sometimes dangerously close to the precipice. But that's the power of Maison du Malheur: playing live, create music with breath in it, and claim a place in the universe together with the audience. And that's not about money, fame or the latest phone. It's about life. Life until your drop. "Stomping Ground" is the title of the new album by Maison du Malheur. It's available from mid-October and now we want to announce the accompanying clubtour:

07-11-2015: Utrecht (NL) @ De Helling
12-11-2015: Nijmegen (NL) @ Doornroosje
13-11-2015: Hengelo (NL) @ Metropool
14-11-2015: Goes (NL) @ t Beest
19-11-2015: Leiden (NL) @ Gebroeders Nobel
21-11-2015: Vlaardingen (NL) @ Kroepoekfabriek
27-11-2015: Harderwijk (NL) @ Estrado
04-12-2015: Bergen Op Zoom (NL) @ Gebouw T
11-12-2015: Zeist (NL) @ De Peppel
18-12-2015: Leeuwarden (NL) @ Asteriks
23-12-2015: Groningen (NL) @ Vera