× Mad Caddies are in Den Bosch next week!

Mad Caddies are in Den Bosch next week!


Since their inception, during high school in California nearly two decades ago, the Mad Caddies have toured the world countless times delighting fans with their unique blend of reggae, punk, ska and pop, and with their latest releases the Mad Caddies have proven they’re just as impassioned and energetic as ever. In many ways those releases sees them coming full circle, demonstrating while trends and times have changed, the Mad Caddies’ commitment to creating dynamic music has only grown stronger.

Yet the Mad Caddies are a difficult band to pin down. We’re not sure what’s more impressive, the fact that Mad Caddies have sold over 400,000 albums or they’ve managed to combine a wide range of influences - dixieland, reggae, punk, ska - into a collection of songs which are incredibly diverse yet still make for a cohesive listen from start to finish. “We love the fact that we’re able to expand our sound with every album,” they explain, citing the fact that the band goes over just as well at family-friendly festivals as they do late-night rock shows alongside their punk peers. "I don’t know many bands who are able to have such a wide range of songs and styles at their disposal.”

The Mad Caddies are doing an exclusive NL show this month:
23/05: Den Bosch, NL - Willem Twee

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