× Last chance to catch METZ in 2013 this weekend!

Last chance to catch METZ in 2013 this weekend!


The Canadian noisecoretrio METZ were one of the highlights of last month's Hit The City in Eindhoven. This week they will end their month-long European tour and they will return to The Netherlands for two more shows:
Vera, Groningen (Nov-29th) and Le Guess Who?, Utrecht (Nov-30th).

METZ play loud. With a no-nonsense mentality, they live up to the old saying “if it doesn’t fit in a van, it’s not worth bringing”. Okay, that might not actually be an old saying, but at least it holds up for METZ. It’s one of those bands that, without even trying, reminds you that being in a band is about playing music with the highest levels of energy and devotion possible, leaving nothing but a trail of dropped jaws in their wake. With just a guitar, bass and drum kit they have devoured basements, skate shops, clubs, and festivals with relentless force.

"The ten songs of their debut album still sound mercilessly hard and intense, with whipping breaks that are as effective as with the release a year ago. In fact: it's clear that this album is full of rock-hard 'hits', performed better than ever. Meanwhile, the three totally go all the way in a packed, hot Rambler and the low ceiling gets hit by the guitar necks regularly. Spectacularly good! And now, get us that second album soon.." - Kicking The Habit

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