× Larry And His Flask: August tourdates including Lowlands ánd new album

Larry And His Flask: August tourdates including Lowlands ánd new album


Larry And His Flask have literally just got back from a 2-month European tour and now we're happy to announce they'll be doing the Lowlands festival and some more European shows in August. See all dates at the bottom of this message. On top of that their long-awaited album "By The Lamplight" is slated to hit the streets through Xtra Mile Recordings on June 24th. Following on from the release of their recent EP "Hobo’s Lament", the new album "By The Lamplight" is 12 tracks of unadulterated pleasure. You can pre-order it here. For the uninitiated, Larry And His Flask make music that lies somewhere between a barn raising and a mosh pit. The New York Times calls them "uncommonly joyous" and "deviously astute", while their live show is a "breathless, polymorphous good time."

Larry And His Flask are a high energy, five piece band that have incorporated many facets of folk, punk, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, soul and brass band music to create their very own unique brand of rock and roll. Some people call it folk-punk, some people call it down right wild. But no matter what you call it, their live show is - yet again - a MUST see!

In any given performance you will hear harmonica, contra bass, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, banjo, trombone, trumpet and baritone horn. They trade off instruments mid song as they dance back and forth across the stage in a punk rock ballet of sorts, narrowly avoiding collisions constantly.

2013.08.15 Glasgow (UK) @ Audio
2013.08.16 London (UK) @ Borderline
2013.08.17 Biddinghuizen (NL) @ Lowlands
2013.08.18 Gampel (CH) @ Open Air Gampel
2013.08.19 Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom
2013.08.20 Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
2013.08.21 Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn
2013.08.22 Bremen (DE) @ Lila Eule
2013.08.23 Tavigny/Houffalize (BE) @ Beaverfest
2013.08.24 Herselt (BE) @ Gevarenwinkel Festival