× King Salami & The Cumberland Three over in NL in June

King Salami & The Cumberland Three over in NL in June


Formed in 2006, this is London's most sensational rhythm 'n' blues-punk party band, and one that truly represents London, being a mongrel mix of Caribbean, Japan, France and Spain. Originally influenced by the wildest bands of the 50s and 60s they have developed their own style of high energy sausage fueled rock and roll, specifically designed to get you dancing like a madman. This is: King Salami & The Cumberland Three. 

Well renowned for their smoking hot live shows that punch you in the chops and leave you flat on your rumps, they have been spreading the bacon fat all around the world for nearly 20 years, touring Europe many times, Australia, the USA, China, Turkey, the Middle East, Brazil and they even performed on some small South Pacific islands! Whether on stage or on record this is one of the most exciting band in rock 'n' roll right now - they are guys who know what it takes to make you move.

The guitar riffs are infectious, the vocals are the insane rantings of a man haunted by the ghost of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and the drums and bass chugg along relentlessly like a train with no brakes. Members of Cumberland Three have a solid pedigree, as they previously played in the Parkingsons, Chinese Lungs, the Nips, UK Subs, Barrence Whitfield, etc.

In June they will be over for one Dutch show:
22/06: Nijmegen, NL - Kids 'n' Billies



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