× Julian Taylor takes "Beyond the Reservoir" to the Benelux in February

Julian Taylor takes "Beyond the Reservoir" to the Benelux in February


After 25 years in music, building an unimpeachable reputation as a truly independent artist and entrepreneur, Julian Taylor now owns his legacy. It’s rare in this era to see an artist build slowly and reach a new level of widespread acclaim decades into their career. But Julian’s ethos, work ethic, and artistry has always had a timeless quality to it.

With The Ridge’s live-off-the-floor production style and stripped back instrumentation, Taylor’s warm voice illuminated the autobiographical lyrics. Going deeper into the personal stories first touched on with Avalanche, Taylor revisited his childhood summers on his grandparents’ farm in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, as well as themes of family, personal loss, and growth. Now, on his latest album, Beyond the Reservoir, he explores the next chapter in his life.  

Beyond the Reservoir, is an album that addresses identity, loss, sadness, hope, and redemption. The themes of resilience, courage, and strength are prevalent in every carefully-chosen lyric. It contains a gentle spiritual thread that runs throughout the album touching on each of the elements like fire, water, air, and earth as they relate to humanity. It is a coming-of-age story and a beautifully-orchestrated successor to The Ridge. 

On Beyond the Reservoir, Taylor continues to mine his personal story and identity as a Black man of Mohawk and West Indian roots in a white world and music scene. And yet, with music that knows the perfect balance between sparse and complex, along with the thoughtful directness of his words, which are sung in his distinctive warm and trustworthy voice, Taylor’s songs resonate with nearly everyone who listens closely. 

The ultimate goal for me is just to put out the best work I possibly can. If people respond to it in that way, then that's beautiful. I'm only trying to open the doors for other people like myself,” he says.  

The country and the city, rural and urban — these poles have competed for Julian’s affection and identity throughout his life. Their respective influences have been heard his whole career, beginning with the rock of Staggered Crossing, the genre-fusion of Julian Taylor Band, and now in the soul-folk of The Ridge and Beyond the Reservoir.    

With his characteristic warmth and charisma, which has enthralled audiences for years, we should all be grateful that Julian Taylor is back, his music is like a long hug, for this time of reconnection. The Ridge has eased the loneliness of the last two years, and now Beyond the Reservoir will help us reunite. Music that is deeply human has that special power.  

In February Julian Taylor comes over for a select number of shows:

18/02: Amen, NL - Cafe de Amer
19/02: Utrecht, NL - TivoliVredenburg
20/02: Brussels, BE - Indies Keeping Secrets

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