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Jim Lauderdale added to Take Root Festival


Jim Lauderdale may have started playing country music and bluegrass when he was 15, but he first became an instant and early fan of rock & roll when he saw the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan in 1964. Since then, he's crafted a career that transcends genres. He's done traditional country, old-school R&B and became a paragon of the Americana movement. Now, on his new album London Southern, Lauderdale revisits his fascination with the Fab Four, channeling the spirit of the Liverpool-era Beatles and paying fitting homage to the country- and soul-centric American acts that influenced the young rock band.

For London Southern, the singer-songwriter's 29th album, Lauderdale worked with the late Neil Brockbank, Nick Lowe's longtime producer, and Lowe's touring band, recording the LP in two trips to London's Goldtop Studio. But it wasn't a recent project: the prolific artist cut the album four years ago and couldn't find time to release it. "One of the problems I created for myself was I could put out two records a year, or two in a day or whatever, and it's really hard for the business part of things," he says. "It's hard to get those properly marketed and sold. I think I released seven records (between recording and releasing) London Southern."

After releasing London Southern Jim Lauderdale played with Sam Outlaw last summer and in November he will be back to perform at Take Root Festival in Groningen:

04 NOV: Groningen (NL) - Take Root Festival