× Jesse Malin postpones dates to November 2021

Jesse Malin postpones dates to November 2021


As part of D Generation, Jesse Malin kept the spirit of the '70s alive during the height of grunge. It was a valiant struggle, earning D Generation a cult following and some positive notices, but the group had difficulty breaking outside of their native New York. Malin did better as a solo artist, realigning himself with the rawer side of Americana in the 2000s, then working as a rock & roll troubadour, bashing out albums and earnest concerts on a regular basis.

Under normal circumstances Jesse Malin would have played gigs to promote his latest album Sunset Kids early November, unfortunately we have to postpone them to 2021:

27/03 Den Haag, NL - Paard

Sunset Kids first took shape at The Hollywood Bowl, when Jesse accepted Lucinda Williams invitation to see her open for what turned out to be Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ final concert. The bittersweet experience inspired one of the new album’s highlights, “Shining Down,” a rainy day jangle about “keeping alive the spirits of the ones we’ve lost.” During that same visit, the idea came about of three-time Grammy-winning Lucinda producing Jesse’s next record. “Lucinda has a great eye for finding the beauty in broken things and a knack for always picking the right take. Once she started dancing in the control room, we knew we had it.

In addition to this rare turn in the producer’s chair for Williams, she co-wrote and sang on the evocative Country-flavored “Room 13,” which Malin calls “the heart of the record in a lot of ways, about those meditative moments far away from home, where you’re forced to reflect on the things that really matter.” 


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