× Jesper Lindell is bringing "Before The Sun" to the Benelux in November

Jesper Lindell is bringing "Before The Sun" to the Benelux in November


With the release of his third full length album “Before The Sun”, on GG Records/Border on March 1, 2024, Jesper Lindell is well on his way to establishing himself as a major player from the Scandinavian music scene. The album was heralded by critics as well as fans and spent many weeks in the top 10 of the Swedish sales charts. Jesper and his band Brunnsvik Sounds are touring Scandinavia in the spring and summer and most of the shows are sold out. In September it’s time for the first US tour, including 4 support gigs for country star Morgan Wade. Right after the US tour, Jesper Lindell will embark on a massive European fall tour, including Benelux dates:

01/11: Amen, NL - Cultureel Café de Amer
02/11: Groningen, NL - Take Root
07/11: Leiden, NL - Q-Bus
10/11: Apeldoorn, NL - Gigant

At the age of 13, Jesper Lindell was the most talented football (soccer that is) player in his hometown Ludvika, a Swedish working-class town a couple of hours northwest of Stockholm. During a game disaster strikes, Jesper breaks a leg and is confined to his boy room and a wheelchair. His big brother Anton tries to cheer him up with an acoustic guitar and teaches him a few chords. Once he’s recovered, Jesper decides to give up football to focus on music. He starts a band, and the football pitch is replaced by a rehearsal room. This episode teaches Jesper two things. The basics of music and that it’s possible to turn adversity into something good.

A few years later Jesper’s musical career really kicks off. “The head of BMG in Stockholm heard a song that I’’d written and invited me to his office”. King Harvest is in the process of disbanding and BMG wants to sign Jesper as a solo act and a songwriter, to the label and the publishing company. “My dream was really to be able to play live and tour. And now I saw a great opportunity to make my dream come true." But the move to Stockholm and signing to a major label didn’t turn out the way Jesper hoped. “We recorded songs for an album, but I never really got any response from BMG. I suppose they just didn’t think it was good enough. I still have that album on my laptop and today, I guess I agree. BMG also hoped to use me as songwriter and vocalist for commercial pop and EDM. I gave it a try, but it didn’t work out at all”.

A tour as guitarist for the support act for old time hero Bryan Ferry, restored some self-confidence and Jesper got the urge to make music again. His latest before "Before The Sun" was a record called "Twilights". “Twilights” was nothing less than a statement. Jesper Lindell is not a helpless victim of circumstances. He is a world class songwriter and a powerful singer, with a clear and uncompromising vision. As soon as his new kidney was in place, Jesper and his fabulous six piece band started touring relentlessly. In one year they did around 150 gigs in Scandinavia and in Italy, Spain, France, The Netherlands and the UK.

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