× Jerry Leger over in the Netherlands and Germany for a short string of shows

Jerry Leger over in the Netherlands and Germany for a short string of shows


Judging by music journalism these days, it seems that ever since “post-punk,” we’ re living in a “post-everything” world. So why not just start over again from the beginning? It’ s easy to feel that way when listening to Jerry Leger’ s latest album Nonsense And Heartache, because that’ s precisely what it suggests through its combination of primal rock and roll, and raw, confessional balladry.

Jerry Leger’s Nonsense and Heartache navigates multiple terrains with confidence and flare. Two records combined, the striking duality of the album features the textures of a bold, bluesy electric sound in Nonsense simmered by the raw, subdued acoustics of Heartache. The separation between the two is evident by the album’s title, and it is in fact two distinct collections of songs presented on two slabs of vinyl. In many ways, Jerry Leger’s artistic path has been leading up to this ambitious display of both sides of his musical personality, fueled by countless nights playing in clubs and bars with a loyal band equally committed to keeping rock and roll’s original flame burning.

This month Jerry Leger also celebraties 'You, Me and The Horse', his debut record, 10 year anniversary. With that anniversary he released an unreleased outtake on that record: 


By the end of the month and into early November Jerry Leger& The Situation are doing a short run with shows over in The Netherlands and Germany:

26 OCT: Zeist (NL) - De Peppel *
28 OCT: Edam (NL) - A Walk About Music
31 OCT: Norderstedt (DE) - Music Star 
02 NOV: Deventer (NL) - Burgerweeshuis / Route 77
03 NOV: Groningen (NL) - Take Root 
04 NOV: Amsterdam (NL) - Paradiso Noord **

* with T-99
** with Tampled By Turtles