× Ian Noe returns to the Netherlands for exclusive performance at Take Root

Ian Noe returns to the Netherlands for exclusive performance at Take Root


Grainy voiced Ian Noe has broadened his musical palette with his second album "River Fools & Mountain Saints", but the story is still blue-collar Kentucky. Excited to see Ian Noe return to the Netherlands for an exclusive 2023 performance:

04/11: Groningen, NL - Take Root

With his 2019 debut, Between the Country, 30-year-old Noe caused quite a stir in Americana circles. Its songs delivered an unvarnished portrait of small-town Kentucky life, with a cast of meth-heads, bank robbers and dead-end losers, all delivered in a grainy voice reminiscent of the late John Prine. This follow-onproves a worthy successor. Again the subject is blue-collar Appalachia – Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the US – though this time round Noe’s outlook is more genial, his characters more amiable, be they broken-down Vietnam veterans, crazed truck drivers or heartbroken loners. His musical palette has broadened accordingly, helped by producer Andrija Tokic, whose analogue approach brings warmth to the sound.

There are a couple of swaggering, electric rock-outs like opener Pine Grove, but most songs roll past (at around two minutes) driven by strummed acoustic guitars, with interpolations from fiddle and keyboard. There’s even a closing track, Road May Flood, soaked in tasteful strings. Noe still wears his principal influence, Prine, on his sleeve, but Ballad of a Retired Man could as easily come from Nebraska-era Springsteen, and PoW Blues from John Fogerty. A gritty, compelling talent.

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