× Ian Noe in NL this weekend for exclusive Take Root show

Ian Noe in NL this weekend for exclusive Take Root show


Whether or not you’ve been traveling these days, Ian Noe’s River Fools & Mountain Saints will transport you to a mythic view of Eastern Kentucky. The album came to Noe before the songs were even written. With each side devoted to river fools and mountain saints, respectively, Noe constructs a world of loss, desperation, and creative perseverance against the odds.

“Pine Grove (Madhouse)” launches the album with a jaunty groove set to bittersweet lyrics. The song serves as a sort of overture for the album, juxtaposing tales of wild parties with melancholy character sketches and ominous tales of danger and evil in the backwoods.

Meanwhile, “Strip Job Blues 1984” serves as an ode to the region’s ubiquitous coal miners and their death-defying feats. The song is contemplative and wistful, though the group vocals in the chorus make it feel like a work song. One can easily imagine humming it under their breath while setting charges in the dark.

This week Ian Noe will be over for an exclusive festival show:

04/11: Groningen, NL - Take Root

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