× Heavy Times bring "Fix It Alone" to Europe

Heavy Times bring "Fix It Alone" to Europe


Chicago’s most hated band on the world’s most hated record label, what could go wrong? But don’t believe what you’ve read in the papers, Heavy Times are certainly here for a maximum impact to your safely guarded danger zones, and simultaneously scoring the soundtrack to your summer of sickness. In a few months they'll hit European shores for the first time! See all announced dates at the bottom of this message.

Their new album called "Fix It Alone" out on HoZac Records jumps out of the grooves and shakes you senseless from one song style to the next, displaying a range and variety most modern punk bands wouldn’t ever understand, let alone be able to keep up with. Through all the dizzying highs, the sobering lows, and the creamy middles, Heavy Times are quickly mastering their form and it’s never been more evident as on their latest LP, one incredible album that’s a benchmark for modern punk, with all the hooks you just can’t find in books. Only seven of these cuts even pass the two-minute mark - of their schizophrenic garage punk, which ranges from ‘80s influenced darkpop ditties to noise-punk firecrackers.

All the songs flash by pretty quickly, but they’re perfectly constructed too, with many moments of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it brilliance bringing to mind early Pixies or Marked Men. The rhythm section roll along in workmanlike fashion while the guitars and vocals range from Joy Division-esque post-punk to soaring pop anthems to 40-second hardcore punk blasts to chugging Husker Du-ish pop punk.

Tourdates - more to follow soon:

2014.06.22: Hilvarenbeek (NL) @ Best Kept Secret NEW
2014.06.24 Hannover (DE) @ Glocksee (Ruby Tuesday)
2014.06.27 London (UK) @ Birthdays NEW
2014.06.28 Manchester (UK) @ Kraak 
2014.06.29 Cardiff (UK) @ Glasnost Festival
2014.07.01 Tubingen (DE) @ Blauer Salon