× Hackensaw Boys deliver new EP "A Fireproof House of Sunshine" and tour Europe

Hackensaw Boys deliver new EP "A Fireproof House of Sunshine" and tour Europe


On the first date of their upcoming European tour the Hackensaw Boys will release a new EP through Free Dirt Records: A Fireproof House of Sunshine. The song "Late Night Kitchen" was premiered a few days ago:

On their 20th anniversary, the stalwart roots collective present a fresh batch of original songs. For the ever-evolving string band, the 5-song collection showcases their graceful maturation and feels more timeless than timely, in no small part due to frontman David Sickmen's most deeply cultivated songwriting to date. Energized by the band's new fiddler (Caleb Powers), upright bassist (Chris Stevens), and percussionist/charismo player (Beau Dodson), A Fireproof House of Sunshine keeps Hackensaw Boys' classic punk-fueled roots sound at the center.

Yet here the group further explores within genre, from the rollicking contemporary Americana of "Late Night Kitchen" and "Pass Unloving Eyes" to the country-blues working class anthem "Factory Blues," all while maintaining a toe-tapping pop sensibility. A Fireproof House of Sunshine opens the curtain on a new era for Hackensaw Boys, who continually prove capable of turning universal life experiences into music that fosters togetherness, community, and understanding.

Hackensaw Boys have plowed the asphalt bringing their raw, gritty American vernacular sounds to the music halls and streets across the world. The group now continues their burning hot vision of American roots music into a new age, fueled as much by a rowdy punk spirit as by the traditional masters that first inspired them. Hackensaw Boys will tour Europe this summer doing festivals and clubshows, starting next week:

21/06: Terschelling, NL - Oerol
22/06: Nijmegen, NL - Kids 'n Billies
22/06: Rotterdam, NL - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
24/06: Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
26/06: Deventer, NL - Burgerweeshuis
27/06: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
28/06: Altlandsberg, DE - The Buchholz Saloon
29/06: Almelo, NL - All Mellow
29/06: Rossum, NL - Rosrock
30/06: Venlo-Blerick, NL - Zoks Festival
02/07: Recklinghausen, DE - House Concert
03/07: Mannheim, DE - Einraumhaus Sommerbuhne
04/07: Crailsheim, DE - 7180 Bar
05/07: Ommen, NL - Bostheater
06/07: Ameland, NL - MadNes

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