× Hackensaw Boys are taking ground in Europe!

Hackensaw Boys are taking ground in Europe!


With feet firmly planted in the old-time song tradition, hands soiled by the dirt of rock n’ roll and eyes fixed steadily on the future of real country music, the Hackensaw Boys are among the most exciting groups charting new territory in today’s diverse Americana music scene. Finally the Hackensaw Boys are back in Europe for a full tour. Starting off in the Netherlands, hailing to Germany, France, Belgium, Swiss and the United Kingdom. Check out all dates in the tours section or leave your comments here: http://hackensawboys.com/index.php/shows/

The Hackensaw Boys first began playing their joyful blend of old-time and bluegrass-tinged string-band music on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia in the autumn of 1999. Far from limiting themselves to the old-time canon, however, the Hackensaws have been first and foremost a band of songwriters. Their music, while drawing upon the spirit of the mountains, is sophisticated and informed by the best elements of punk rock and classic country music. As one reviewer put it: “Imagine the Carter Family meets the Ramones and you begin to get the picture.”

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