× Exclusive Benelux show No Trigger this week

Exclusive Benelux show No Trigger this week


No Trigger is a mythical melodic punk/hardcore band from Worcester, Massachusetts. No one is truly quite sure if they exist. Some claim to have heard a recording or two, while others swear to have seen them live. Many are skeptical of both accounts. If you are lucky enough to run across a flyer for a future performance, you owe it to yourself as a human and a historian to be there and witness this rare phenomenon in the wild.

Their first release in five years, Adult Braces finds the band re-solidifying their sound into four compact tracks. Taking the inherent sense of melody from pop-punk and high energy from skatepunk, the band kicks out a release that is both introspective and spontaneous. Check out this track of the new EP:

We can now take this skepticism away (hopefully) by telling you they do exist and even better they will come over playing one single gig in the Netherlands. On Thursday this week they'll be in Vlaardingen for a show at De Kroepoekfabriek! They'll be sharing the stage with Break A Day and Harsh Realms.