× Eurosonic 2015: Acid Baby Jesus and Maison du Malheur

Eurosonic 2015: Acid Baby Jesus and Maison du Malheur


So it's that time of the year again. Time for our annual visit to Groningen for the EUROSONIC festival. This edition we have two of our bands performing. See you there for a beer of tea?

Catch us at these shows for sure:
17-JAN: Eurosonic Air (Grote Markt), 13:00-13:40
17-JAN: Platosonic (Coffee Company), 16:40

15-JAN: Eurosonic (De Spieghel), 23:45-00:40
18-JAN: Afterslag (Gigant, Apeldoorn)

Whilst in the midst of completing their follow up album of the well-received "Wicked Transmissions" the Amsterdam formation MAISON DU MALHEUR will be performing as part of the Eurosonic Air program and will stick around for a session during Platosonic. The melting pot of roots, rhythm and New Orleans jazz, the sound that Maison du Malheur is known for, is even more intense, brooding and diverse of their new album.

Formed in Greece, ACID BABY JESUS' sound is an intriguing combination of heavy psychedelic rock 'n' roll mixed with traditional Greek music. The tracks from their latest EP are steeped in layers or organ, Jew's harp, bongos and gongs, and evolve into primal Anatolian dance rhythms not far from the pulsating sounds of Bo Diddley. Acid Baby Jesus will be representing the primitivism of Athens at De Spieghel at Eurosonic. Also they'll be doing a show at Afterslag on in Gigant/Apeldoorn.