× Elliott BROOD return to European soil starting this week

Elliott BROOD return to European soil starting this week


In November Elliott BROOD did a short tour solely in the UK to promote their new album "Days Into Years". Back then we already told you they were coming back over in February and March. Well, finally the day has come. This week they will hit off this European tour starting in the Netherlands and going to Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany and the UK. You can check all dates here: http://www.sedate-bookings.com/site/tourdates.

"Days Into Years" was inspired by the World War I. After a mere hundred years the enormous battlegrounds of Belgium and France are still marked by this war. Farmers and amateur archaeologists still dig up bombs, granates and other odrnances from the muddy scarred and traumatized dirt. When Elliott BROOD first toured Europe they travel through these lands and come accross many stories of fallen compatriots. This impresses and they three Canadans decide to write an album about this.

Elliott BROOD has never been an easy outfit to describe. Since forming in late 2002, their sounds have been labeled "death country", "blackgrass" and even "urban hillbilly", none of which truly capture the essence or energy of the band. With Elliott BROOD, the storytelling is paramount. The band presents tales from the dustier sides of life in dimly lit rooms with half empty bottles. Rhythmic banjo-led stomps and abusive acoustic strumming are married with an old time thump to paint the scenes and characters driving the stories.

UPDATE: Now the album "Days Into Years" can be listened to at 3VOOR12/Luisterpaal: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/albums/Elliott-Brood.html

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