× Elliott BROOD release "Town" and announce Europe tour

Elliott BROOD release "Town" and announce Europe tour


With a familiar 1, 2, 3…Elliott BROOD count in a new album cycle, Town & Country, that explores the people and places that shape our lives, wherever we call home. On part one, Town, Elliott BROOD rumble and rock over a map of all the towns and cities that are home to our experiences and imaginations, histories and future plans. 

In true Elliott BROOD fashion, Town begins with “Rose City." While Windsor, ON doesn’t compete with the likes of Asbury Park or Bakersfield for the most famous hometown in music history, its bridges and bars have inspired some of Elliott BROOD’s most beloved songs and albums. With its deep late summer porch party and rolling rodeo rhythm, “Rose City” continues this fascination and tradition. A song is always the fastest way home. 

“My northern heart is drying up down south,” goes the line in “Dried Up,” which encapsulates the collection’s through-line in its ongoing search for the right place at the right time. Cross-border life, as actual geography and as metaphor for the walls we run up against, has always been a source of frustration and inspiration. In search of a place where Cash is still King on the pedal-steel country waltz of “Paper Money,” a Canadian expat sits down in a bar in Hollywood to find his money’s no good. 

Through it all, Town is awash in a new type of nostalgia for Elliott BROOD. With smile lines and guitar fingers long hardened with callouses, these aren’t stories from the trenches. They’ve lived it.

Dressed in the hand-embroidered suits that bear the symbols of each of these two realms, Town & Country, Elliott BROOD hit the road once again with their brand of nitty gritty city folk. Over bridges and into barrooms, lose your way to find yourself in Elliott BROOD’s Town.

Town was released on November 3, 2023 on Six Shooter Records and now we're announcing an April tour for the band:

11/04: Den Bosch, NL - Willem Twee
12/04: Amen, NL - Cultureel Café de Amer
13/04: Antwerp, BE - Djingel Djangel
14/04: Edam, NL - A Walk About Music
16/04: Krefeld, DE - Kulturrampe
19/04: St Gilles Croix de Vie, FR - Rocksea
20/04: Paris, FR - La Boule Noire
21/04: Haarlem, NL - Roots of Heaven
22/04: Lint, BE - 't Groot Verzet
23/04: Cologne, DE - MTC
24/04: Wiesbaden, DE - Schlachthof
25/04: Berlin, DE - Privatclub
26/04: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
27/04: Deventer, NL - Des Konings Fest


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