× Christopher Paul Stelling to return in May

Christopher Paul Stelling to return in May


Last Sunday Christopher Paul Stelling finished a successful European tour. He did 19 shows spread across Germany, Switzerland, Te Netherlands and Belgium. Halfway through the tour his merchandise was sold out and the sold-out signs where hanging at the doors of Essen, Rotterdam and Oostende. Stelling offers us a truly phenomenal voice, persuades instantly, captivating guitar playing and also has a whole bunch of very good songs from his albums that appeared in 2012 and 2013, titled respectively Songs of Praise & Scorn and False Cities entitled.

Yesterday he flew back home and shortly after his return in New York he will be recording his third album with the guys of The Low Anthem. "The American can count on a huge applause after every song and continues to play his songs on an exceptionally high level, while he also binds himself to the audience with simple but true and entertaining talks. Speaking about binging, a binding advice. Remember this name and go see him. Christopher Paul Stelling." During his previous tour we started planning the "reprise" in late May. Already confirmed and announced is the beautiful Duvelblues Festival in Puurs (Belgium). The plan is to build a tour of intimite venues and festivals around this date. So stay tuned for more dates!

The last few weeks, besides doing the shows, he recorded (radio) sessions in e.g. Berlin, Leeuwarden and Hannover. Watch and listen to them overhere:
"Who I Am” (Pink Carpet Session): http://youtu.be/B-A2laxEdzs
"Long Way Home” (Pink Carpet Session): http://youtu.be/B-A2laxEdzs
Badkamersessie Mijn Ouders: http://youtu.be/UTY1iIGeJiE
Interview and live sessie Radio Eins: http://www.radioeins.de/christopher-paul-stelling

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