× Boogie Beasts release "Love Me Some" in September!

Boogie Beasts release "Love Me Some" in September!


Dirty beats, hypnotising slide, screaming harmonica riffs and plenty of fuzz: all of these will be served by this four-men band from Liè€ge-Limburg-Namur, Belgium. Boogie Beasts translate their passion for (hill country) blues into a most characteristic sound of their own, which has a touch of The Black Keys jamming with John Lee Hooker at a rave in the wee hours of the morning, or Morphine on a psychedelic trip with Little Walter, or even RL Burnside backed up by the young Rolling Stones at a juke joint-gig. The drive is infectious, the noise is pure filth, yet highly irresistible...

Renowned for their energetic live shows, Boogie Beasts have turned many clubs and festivals in the Benelux and way beyond into insane parties. Since their first gig in 2011, they've released two albums: Come And Get Me (2015) and Deep (2019). During the covid year 2020, the band dropped two singles mixed by Detroit garage rock godfather Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Sonics).

Their third album Love Me Some comes out September 17th 2021. Favorite Scene a single from this forthcoming album was shared already:

With this new album in their pockets there is shows to be played as well, we're happy to share the first ones today:

14-08-2021: Lichtenvoorde, NL - Openluchttheater Lichtenvoorde
13-11-2021: Eindhoven, NL - Wilhelmina
05-03-2022: Uden, NL - De Pul
19-03-2022: Dedemsvaart, NL - De Gashouder

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