× Bob Wayne shares first batch of 2021 "revenge" tourdates

Bob Wayne shares first batch of 2021 "revenge" tourdates


Bob Wayne is a true road warrior, I'm sure most of you are fully aware of this fact already. When Bob started his world record attempt on 31 December 2019 no one would expect to happen was has since happened. His try to beat the longest tour ever (he's was going to try and perform daily and had a European tour booked from the start of 2020 until after Easter) was brutally put to a halt when he was in Portugal or Spain and he had to leave the continent soon after.. He has about 50 shows left to do..

Understandable and the wisest thing to do of course but Bob wouldn't be Bob if we wouldn't instantly try and start plotting a "revenge" tour. This had thus far resulted in a beautiful string of dates in the spring of 2021, which we are happy to share today.

After 12 years of touring with his band and recording 8 albums Bob Wayne is grabbing his guitar and going solo. Armed with his new record entitled 'ROGUE' Bob and probably even newer tunes by then Bob will hit the road next year.

11/03: Amersfoort, NL - Fluor
12/03: Venlo, NL - Take Five
13/03: Hoofddorp, NL - Duycker
14/03: Beerse, BE - Beatnik
16/03: Dortmund, DE - Subrosa
17/03: Wiesbaden, DE - Kreativfabrik
18/03: Arnhem, NL - Luxor
19/03: Essen, DE - Freak Show Bar
20/03: Zonhoven, BE - Rolmo's Roots Rock
21/03: Göppingen, DE - Gasthaus Zille
26/03: Berlin, DE - Wild At Heart
27/03: Arlon, BE - Broken Necks Fest
29/03: Birmingham, UK - Kitchen Garden Cafe
03/04: Nieuw-Schoonebeek, NL - Café Bargerveen
04/04: Zwolle, NL - Jack's Music Bar
05/04: Norderstedt, DE - Music Star
14/04: Copenhagen, DK - Beta2300
15/04: Hamburg, DE - Monkeys Music Club
17/04: Karlsruhe, DE - Alte Hackerei
18/04: Mannheim, DE - Altes Volksbad
21/04: Prague, CZ - FAMU
18/05: Cologne, DE - Sonic Ballroom
19/05: Apeldoorn, NL - Gigant
21/05: Bottelare, BE - 't Ketske
22/05: Eeklo, BE - N9

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