× Bloodshot Bill does Scumbash plus three more next February

Bloodshot Bill does Scumbash plus three more next February


The music of Montreal native Bloodshot Bill has been called a lot of things. A scouring of the impressive collection of press clippings he has posted to his website turn up references to a “one-man hellraiser” who exudes a style that is altogether “trashy,” “raw,” “rough-edged,” “greasy,” “bare-boned,” “unruly” and “in a class all his own.” Much of this publicity, culled from publications throughout North America and Europe, make a point of advising that there’s really nothing like seeing him do his thing live, though. That’s where Bill – often clad in silk pajamas, these days – sits down with a hollow-body guitar, and with one bare foot working a set of hi-hats while the other thumps along on a bass drum pedal, transforms into a howling blues-, rockabilly- and honky-tonk-flecked maelstrom of pomade, sweat and wild-eyed determination. “I think folks who have never heard me will kinda know what they’re in for, with a name like Bloodshot Bill,” he says of the inspiration for his inflamed moniker. “Plus, I used to get really messed up all the time.”

And what a glorious mess it is. Take the sounds of Eddie Cochran, Charlie Feathers, Elvis Presley, Hasil Adkins and Carl Perkins, run ’em through a hillbilly moonshine still in the basement of a dungeon, and you’re roaming down the appropriately dirty, musical back alleys that Bloodshot Bill calls home. Bloodshot Bill started playing in his hometown of Montreal, around 1998, with just a guitar and a stomp board. Since then, he has had over 30 releases throughout Europe, USA and Canada. Next February Bloodshot Bill will be back in Europe for four shows:

19-FEB: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs
20-FEB: Rotterdam (NL) @ Scumbash
21-FEB: Kortrijk (BE) @ The Pits
22-FEB: Amsterdam (NL) @ OT301