× Blank Range confirmed for Once In A Blue Moon

Blank Range confirmed for Once In A Blue Moon


Nashville’s Blank Range is set to release their sophomore album, In Unison on 1 February. Their debut, Marooned With the Treasure was a favorite in 2017 and their live set backed that up. Here’s some info on the upcoming album from the PR squad.

The ten songs on In Unison, all self-penned and self-produced by Blank Range, serve as a natural extension of the band’s live shows – recorded in an old Tennessee farmhouse with minimal gear and even less second-guessing. As Blank Range saw their steadily-growing gigs become nightly celebrations of community and shared existence, they felt the best way to channel that phenomenon on tape was simply to emulate the environments where they’ve felt it most powerfully. While the album’s songs range from high-energy thrashers to pedal-steel slow burners, the themes of unity in loneliness and connection in isolation bring a coherent thread to the new project.

Ahead of the release Blank Range preview the new album with a bizarre, collage-style Radio video:

Very excited to announce Blank Range are confirmed for this festival in August:

24/08 - Amsterdam - Once In A Blue Moon