× Bike Thiefs bring "Leaking" over to the Netherlands this week

Bike Thiefs bring "Leaking" over to the Netherlands this week


Toronto’s post-punk noiseniks Bike Thiefs are instantly likeable underdogs who sound as though they’ve thrown everything they have into debut album, Leaking.
Bike Thiefs are a chatty post-punk trio that sound like a cross between Parquet Courts and a late-night conversation with Charles Bukowski. 

From the crushing opener ‘Hockey Dad’, a song about the exhausting unpredictability of a friend trying to deal with drug addiction, to the discordant working class self-loathing of ‘Flyover State’,  the anti-consumerist ‘Hallelujah, Again’, and the alt-right baiting spleen-venting of ‘Comment Section’, Bike Thiefs do not shy away from the big questions. Elsewhere, even the disarmingly poppy ‘Connie’s Got A New Phone’ and epic instant-fix rock hooks of ‘Limbo in the Kitchen’ barely conceal the band’s intentions.

Album highlights ‘You’re Allowed Your Feelings’ and ‘Financial Cancer’ press the same nihilistic buttons as The Cramps‘Sunglasses After Dark’ or Black FlagRise Above’, maybe not in any musical sense, but in the raw energy channeled. In the squally jumble of guitars, skittish drums and false-flag-burning lyricism, there’s a sense that Leaking is the perfect SNAFU soundtrack and Woloshyn and co have your back.

Describing themselves as a ‘chatty post-punk’ band we thought it would be a good idea to offer Bike Thiefs some space to describe the album tracks themselves. Their summary wastes no words. Like Leaking, it’s epigrammatic and keenly observed while dropping all kinds of curious references that reel you into their world.

Tour dates:

01/06: Haarlem, NL - Patronaat
02/06: Deventer, NL - Burgerweeshuis
04/06: Middelburg, NL - Kaffee 't Hof