× Becca Mancari supports Julien Baker on September European tour

Becca Mancari supports Julien Baker on September European tour


Becca Mancari is rewriting the rules.

Born in Staten Island, New York, to an Italian-Irish preacher and a Puerto Rican mother, Mancari has lived a life of transition - from working as a janitor in South Florida, to writing songs with train hoppers in the Blue Ridge Mountains and seeking spirituality in India. But it was her time in Virginia and Nashville where she found the roots music that would continue to inspire her musical evolution to today.

Her anticipated debut album, "Good Woman," is hauntingly lonesome, with dust-cloud swells of electric guitar and don't-look- back lyrics revealing scenes from Mancari’s well-travelled story. She recalls, “I remember being 19, and I would go to this old warehouse where a bunch of old timers would be siting around picking and drinking moonshine…and we are talking straight up moonshine." During this time, Mancari's curiosity to see the world with eager, fresh eyes grew, drawing her to travel and experience all types of people and places. Her travels would inevitably impact her music; since her music is the landscape of all she's seen, “Good Woman” evokes the sound of city grit and the mountain music of her youth, swirling into a fresh, nostalgic sound.

When Mancari sings, she shines with authenticity. It is evident that Mancari knows exactly who she is, and her music has a strong sense of identity. But it is her refusal to subscribe to molds and societies trends that sets Mancari apart. Mancari is challenging all of us to throw away the old book and create a new genre of music.

In a short time, Mancari has made a name for herself in Nashville and the southeast. Now it's time to expand this to Europe as well and we're thrilled to announce a support tour for Julien Baker this September:

03/09: Brussels (BE) @ Botanique
04/09: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 
05/09: Hamburg (DE) @ Elbphilharmonie 
07/09: Copenhagen (DK) @ Hotel Cecil 
10/09: Stockholm (SWE) @ Kagelbanan 
13/09: Leipzig (DE) @ UT Connewitz 
14/09: Prague (CZ) @ NOD 
15/09: Vienna (AT) @ Flex 
16/09: Munich (DE) @ Ampere 
18/09: Milan (IT) @ Obibò 
20/09: Dudingen (CH) @ Bad Bonn 
22/09: Paris (FR) @ La Maronquinerie