× Bad Cop/Bad Cop finally takes "The Ride" to Europe

Bad Cop/Bad Cop finally takes "The Ride" to Europe


Bad Cop/Bad Cop has done angry. The band’s 2017 full-length, Warriors, was recorded in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. The Los Angeles quartet’s lastst full-length, The Ride, shows what happens when you come out the other side of that anger.

It’s not that I am just stoked or blind to suffering,” says singer-guitarist Jennie Cotterill. “I think anger is a legitimate and understandable reaction to injustice and wrongdoing. It’s just that for myself, I am trying to move past ‘reaction’ into productive ‘response.’”

The message Bad Cop/Bad Cop is sending this time around is less about wagging your finger at others, or giving the middle one to the Man, than it is about self-love and acceptance. As Cotterill puts it, “Love is a more powerful truth than anger.” That positivity fuels many of The Ride’s tracks: “Originators,” “Simple Girl,” “Community,” “I Choose,” “Perpetual Motion Machine,” and “The Mirage” exude confidence, gratitude, and compassion.

"If people are listening to our songs and they're going to sing along to them, they're going to start owning some of those words. And in owning some of those words that gives them some strength and power going forward. That's really the biggest gift that I could give to anybody." The anger may have taken a back seat on The Ride, but what’s taken its place is even more powerful.

The wait is over! After postponing their tour three times Bad Cop/Bad Cop takes The Ride over to Europe.
And there's more. Last week the band released a single: “Shattered”. This song marks the debut of Alex Windsor on guitar.

This week Bad Cop/Bad Cop plays one show in the Netherlands: 
06/08: Utrecht, NL - dB's - SOLD OUT

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