× April gigs for Cordovas in the Netherlands coming up

April gigs for Cordovas in the Netherlands coming up


That Santa Fe Channel, the latest album by roots-rock band Cordovas, is the total package, the real deal; it comes busting out the gate wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on the world like a glittering rattlesnake.  

Come to think of it, “wide-eyed” is probably not the most accurate descriptor for what this album sounds like. If it was possible for music to be half-drunk, sweating profusely beneath a wide-brimmed hat, dragging on an enormous spliff while kicking its cowboy boots in the dust – then this would be that type of music. Good time, hot summer night rock ‘n’ roll just like Mama used to make. Mama being Jerry Garciaor, Gregg Allman or Gram Parsons. Or maybe all three. 

Let’s not get into the details, man. Pass that doobie. In all seriousness, across this luxurious, exquisitely produced album, you hear all of the things you’re imagining in your head and then some. For one thing, it seems like there’s about thirteen people singing on it. At least. As it turns out, everybody in the band sings – and they all have mighty fine voices. You know the interplay of unique voices on records like American Beauty, Sweetheart of the Rodeo and music from Big Pink? Cordovas have got it down. Each and every Cordova sounds like they should be the ‘lead’ vocalist, whatever that means. They’re basically all great.

Go find out yourself on their club dates in the NL this April or see them in summer on a festival:

11/04: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 
12/04: Zoetermeer (NL) @ Boerderij 
13/04: Groningen (NL) @ Der Aa-Theater 
14/04: Venlo (NL) @ Down By The River 

12/07: Oberhausen (DE) @ Static Roots Festival 
13/07: Weert (NL) @ Bospop  

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